Faraway Place was a white haired dao priest with bad reputation as the Bestowal Madman.[1] Faraway Place is the archetype of a white-haired grandpa that would regularly appear inside Wuxia novels to bestow some of his strength and skills to the standard protagonist during a fortuitous encounter.[2]

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All Night Cultivation Immortal Group

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True Love Broken At A Faraway Place

Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign

Faraway Place was an average Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign. He was stranded in this stage for almost a thousand years. As such, he already nearing the end of his life span.[2]

Bestowal Madman

Because he is certain he has a 20% chance of surviving his Heavenly Tribulation, Faraway Place seeks to delay his Fifth to Sixth Heavenly Tribulation by bestowing his skills to young cultivators once every ten years for more than 300 years.[2]

Unfortunately, almost everyone he has done this for has died, making people believe that those whom he bestows his strength to will be cursed.[2]

  • 29 died under Heavenly Tribulation
  • 23 had their body destroyed, barely alive by becoming a puppet etc.
  • 2 offended demon sect’s master-hand, refined into corpse servants
  • 11 went missing, their whereabouts unknown.
  • 7 still alive

Delaying the Tribulation

Aside from bestowals,Faraway Place has 17 methods on how to delay the descent of the tribulation. 10 or so of the methods were suitable for the use of low-level practitioners.[3]

He has been using these methods to delay his tribulation for more than 300 years.[3]

Blood Pearls

5 + 1 Heavenly Tribulation

Oh, the calamity of my Cultivation World!

Faraway Place was involved in the unprecedented 5 + 1 Heavenly Tribulation together with Song Shuhang, Mansion Lord Seven Lives’ Talisman, Always Far and unnamed ghost cultivator.[4][5]

Taoism’s Three Terrified

Orz small

He is also known as one of the Taoism’s Three Terrified, together with Mansion Lord Seven Lives’ Talisman and Always Far.

He was shown to be in the orz position during the beginning of the Profound Saint Sermon.[6]

Profound Saint Sermon

His sermon 《How to Delay Heavenly Tribulation》 was considered as sub-par and unworthy of Profound Saint Sermon at first.[3]

If one compared the ‘Profound Saint Sermon’ to the speech given by a student representing of a famous university during the ‘graduation ceremony’, then the content of Dao Priest Faraway Place’s speech could be summed up as ‘how to cheat during exams’. It was akin to slapping one’s alma mater in the face during the graduation ceremony.[7]

However, ever since the Changing Heaven started, more and more cultivators using the methods in the sermon to delay their own tribulations.


Separated Snow

Faraway Place is friends with Fairy Lady Separated Snow.

Song Shuhang

He met Song Shuhang in Three Worlds Express, he detected the smell of Heavenly Demon that came out of Song Shuhang's body.


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