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Fifth Heavenly was the one and only known female among the various generation of Heavenly Way.[1]

Vying for the Heavenly Way V

The Fifth was the winner of the Vying for the Heavenly Way V. Nothing else was known about the vying.

Six Paths of Reincarnation

During her reign, the Fifth improved the reincarnation system.[2]

Six Paths of Reincarnation (六道轮回; Liù Dào Lúnhuí)[3]

Known Reincarnations

Many years later, a white true dragon with unmatched pure bloodline was born in the Dragon Realm. She eventually evolved into the White Dragon Tribe among the Dragon Tribe[4]

After a very long time, a simple and honest young girl was born in the Beast Realm. This simple and honest girl led an ordinary life. She grown up normally, had a normal marriage and normal children. Even her death was normal.[4]

After their deaths, they will return to the ‘Reincarnation Seal’, complementing and evolving the reincarnation system.[4]

From a human, to a dragon, to a beast cultivator, the Fifth Heavenly Way reincarnated to all kind of races.[4] Scallion Lady was the final reincarnation.[5] She was supposed to return to the Reincarnation Seal, but mistakenly replaced with Song Two.

Detaching From the Heavenly Way

Just like her predecessors, after a certain period of time, she detached from her position. Her Tomb of Imperishable was seen in the Graveyard of Heavenly Ways by Song Shuhang during an Entering Dream session.


According to the Eighth Heavenly Way, the Fifth didn’t left behind any legacies that have any research value.[6]

Reincarnation Blade

Reincarnation Blade was the Way Item created by the Fifth.[7]


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