«Fighting Buddha True Body» is one of the top ten Body Tempering Arts in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[1]

Super Saiyan Transformation

When this art activated, the user will undergo a Super Saiyan transformation with some deviation.

The spirit energy around the user’s body started to churn, changing into an explosion of golden light that spread in all directions. Next, the user’s hair will be lifted by the spiritual power, shooting high up in the sky.

The muscles on the user’s body will bulge, and the user size will increase by three times.

Known Practitioner

Dharma King Good Fortune

Dharma King Good Fortune


  1. True Monarch Falling Dust was the one who briefed Song Shuhang about this art.
  2. Dharma King Good Fortune created the «Hair Growing Art» due to this art.

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