Five Dragon Streamers is Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s living item.[1]

It’s also the streamer that Copper Trigram carried with him each time he went around to perform his divinations. Sometimes, he would even separate it into two different streamers and install it on his push-cart or other similar means of transportation.[2][3]

On one side of the Five Dragon Streamers were inscribed the words: “Copper Tooth Iron Tooth, in the time it takes to say a word, I’ve already predicted a billion things![2][3]

While the ones on the other side were: “Trigram By Trigram Calculated Completely, I’ve become the Great Immortal Master of myriad divinatory trigrams![2][3]

Perhaps because it had been exposed to the sun and the wind for a long time, this Five Dragon Streamers looked a little worn-out.

Five Divine Dragons

  • fire dragon;
  • thunder dragon;
  • wind dragon;
  • rock dragon; and
  • ice dragon


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