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Four Ways Gamble was a special impromptu event World Beyond the Wooden Door.


No Participant Stake Notes
1 Tyrant Song
  • Location of the ‘existence’ gnawed by Holy Man.
2 Fat Ball Doppelgänger
  • One month of space jurisdiction
  • Information of 《Ru Canon》 location
3 Drama King Horse
  • A rune
4 Three Eyes
  • Opening Heavenly Eye
  • Absolute Force Field Shield
  • Planetary Battle Station

The Gamble

‘Fat Ball’ was sealed into a box, and hidden in a nearby meteorite by ‘Tyrant Song’. Afterwards, ‘Tyrant Song’ changed into ‘Liquid Metal Ball’.

‘Liquid Metal Ball’ pretends to be the real Song Shuhang, copying his mannerism even way of speaking (yelling included).

While ‘Liquid Metal Ball’ and ‘Drama King Horse’ were fighting, ‘Ruism Holy Man’ silently entered the scene. As ‘Drama King Horse’ prepared to deliver his final attack to ‘Liquid Metal Ball’, ‘Ruism Holy Man’ also prepared to sneak attack ‘Drama King Horse’.

The battle between ‘Drama King Horse’ and ‘Ruism Holy Man’ was extremely devastating. The neighbouring star field almost destroyed since both of them practically went all out. Between the ‘Ruism Holy Man’ and the great black horse, there are countless principles that annihilate each other. It seems that the phantom of the world is constantly born and it is constantly destroyed in the battle between both of them.

While ‘Drama King Horse’ and ‘Ruism Holy Man’ were locked in the intense battle, ‘Drama King Horse’ suddenly launched a surprised attack, sending ‘Ruism Holy Man’ flying.

That ‘Liquid Metal’ suddenly sticks out, avatar changed into a pure white great horse. On the white horse’s fore hoof glittered a rune representing the ‘disaster’ principle, maliciously hit ‘Ruism Holy Man’ on the back. In this stomping attack, aside from the ‘disaster’ principle effect...... indistinctly there was a wisp of ‘paramount unsurpassed’ strength.

Caught off-guard, ‘Ruism Holy Man’ lost its initiative and was put into defensive mode.

‘Drama King Horse’ took the opportunity to hammer ‘Ruism Holy Man’ with a fist containing the ‘paramount great way’ intent.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Three Eyes already forfeited early on after encountering Drama King Horse at the start of the game. The Drama King borrowed Three Eyes’ in-game body, effectively playing two roles at the same time.


Drama King Horse became the final winner of the gamble. However, he turned over all his winnings to Tyrant Song, making the latter as the true winner of the game.[1]


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