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Gao Moumou is a student of Jiangnan University’s School of Mechanical Engineering’s 19th Department 43rd class, and secretly a web novel writer.

He is one of Song Shuhang’s three roommates, together with Li Yangde and Lin Tubo.


  • 高 (Gāo; surname Gao,high; tall; above average; loud; your (honorific))
  • 某某 (Mǒumǒu; so-and-so; such-and-such)

Just like his roommate Lin Tubo, he also had a name that would make people believe he was not his father’s son. He really hated his name.[1]

Coincidentally, he also stole his family's household register and went to the police station, trying to change his name by himself when he was a child. Unfortunately, he also failed. That was why he was still called Gao Moumou.[1]

He paid a heavy, even heavier than Tubo, price for his action. After all, Tubo was only beaten by his father, but Gao Moumou was beaten both by his father and mother. On that day, he terribly cried, screamed, and couldn’t get out of bed the next day.[1]

Mysterious Island

Gao Moumou was captured by a giant eagle, presumably as food. To save him, Song Shuhang showed his secret skills as a cultivator openly.

Dharma-Ending Battle

Gao Moumou was kidnapped by Yu Jiaojiao to be the writer for the «Dharma-Ending Battle», and so she could force him to increase the speed of the release of his web novel.

She fed him various spiritual foods, as well as a bit of Body Tempering Liquid, starting him on the path of the cultivator.

He received a hefty, undisclosed amount of royalty for his works for the film.[2]

«My Roommate Is The Heavenly Way»

«My Roommate Is The Heavenly Way» is Gao Moumou’s next novel, inspired by the real life even of his roommate, Song Shuhang suddenly becoming a Heavenly Way.[3]



Yayi is Gao Moumou’s girlfriend.[1]


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