Giant Turtle of Disaster is a tribe of space faring turtles that tasked with collecting Skylark’s parts that was imbued with the undying aura.

Whenever they were recovering the items stained by the undying aura, their rough and reckless method will cause massive destruction, hence their name.


The Giant Turtles of Disaster were created by a Heavenly Way. However, since they can’t remember which Heavenly Way that was, Song Shuhang speculated it was the First Heavenly Way.[1]

Super Time and Space Wander

This ability allows a giant turtle disaster to travel anywhere and anytime to recover Skylark’s parts.

This ability was shown to allow the turtles to disregard even Heavenly Way’s small black rooms and Nine Serenities Ruler’s personal domain’s space and time restriction.

However, this ability also one of the reasons why they are called as ‘giant turtle of disaster’. If their true body stay in the present world for a certain time, the space around them will collapse and thus bringing disaster to the world. The destruction degree is proportionate to a turtle’s strength. A higher level turtle will cause a greater disaster than a lower level turtle.[2]


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