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After the Holy City Falls Apart... The Giant that Destroys Myriad Things also referred to as the Giant of Destruction is the combined form of two sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item, more commonly by the combination of Infallible Holy City and Doomsday’s Holy Sword.


Energy Core

The Second Ruler of the Nine Serenities was surprised that the Giant of Destruction has this core, since this core supposedly a top secret of the Second Heavenly Way.

Force Field

The giant received Absolute Force Field Shield (绝对力场护盾; juéduì lì chǎng hù dùn) upgrade when Song Shuhang & co. entered an artificial minor world. The force field was installed on the Giant of Destruction by the inhabitants of the minor world.

After the upgrade, the giant easily withstood attacks from an Eternal Life Being, Kun King without even a scratch.

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