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Golden Lotus World is a rare treasure obtained by Ruism. Once the Gentleman Golden Lotus grows and matures, it will gain the ability to create a minor world. The minor world would be located amidst the ‘main world’, but also separated from it, becoming a mysterious and abstruse ‘Realm Within the Realm’.[1]

It’s possible to continually nourish the lotus flower through the evil and foul energy of the Nine Serenities World, allowing the world of the golden lotus to expand incessantly.[1]

Creation of the Golden Lotus World

Golden Lotus World is a legacy created by the Third Heavenly Way.

Demon Sea

The Third Heavenly Way planted the golden lotus in a place with the highest concentration of evil energy in the entire Nine Serenities World – a huge demon sea.[2]

Kui Two sent four gigantic demons to protect the golden lotus from the Demons of the Nine Serenities. The four colossal demons surrounding it and slowly moving around it.[3]

  • One was a huge, one-kilometre-long snake with its tail split into nine parts.
  • One was a ball-shaped demon with a size that wasn’t inferior to that of the huge snake. This demon somewhat resembled a sea urchin, and its whole body was covered with needles.
  • The other two resembled ordinary fishes, but they had six pairs of scaly claws on their body.

Kui’s Dance

Kui dance to severe the connection between two lotus worlds

The connection between the Golden Lotus World and the Evil Lotus World was severed by Third Heavenly Way using a special dance.

Battle of White Cloud Academy

True Monarch Eternal Fire used a danced taught to him by Song Shuhang to obtain the jurisdiction of the Golden Lotus World.

In the midst of battle, Song Shuhang used another dance, the same dance used by Third Heavenly Way, to sever the relationship between the Golden Lotus World and the Evil Lotus World, effectively ending the battle.

Ancient Heavenly Court’s Fragments

After entering the Lotus Core World, True Monarch Eternal Fire noticed the Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments gifted to Song Shuhang were transferred over and assimilated with the Core World.

Afterwards, Ruism started to move Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments into the Golden Lotus World in imitation of the Core World. However, the fragments won’t assimilate with the Lotus World like the fragments in Shuhang’s Core World.[4]

In order to solve this problem, True Monarch Eternal Fire was given the authority from the Ruism council of elders to negotiate with Saint Monarch Tyrant Song for his assistance. Eternal Fire was given an authentic Ru (儒) Character rune as a token of authority.[5]


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