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  • 公子 (Gōngzǐ; lit. “the duke’s son”) an address of the noble descendants in the Spring and Autumn period.
  • 海 (Hǎi) mean sea.


Gongzi Hai first appeared as a white-robed young master with a long sword attached on his waist who seemed as graceful as jade. He seemed like an immortal that walked out from an ancient drawing.[3]

Moon Sabre Sect

Gongzi Hai was seen first posing as Moon Sabre Sect’s chief elder and second-in-command.[3]

He orchestrated the death of the sect master Ba Qianjun and sect members to refine God Blood Diamonds.

Unbounded Demon Sect

Gongzi Hai is part of Second Hall Nine-Eyed Kama Hall 69th Peak - Mahoraga Peak together with Demon Monarch Anzhi and Zheng Neng.

Demon Emperor Legacy

Gongzi Hai has obtained Demon Emperor Hezhi’s legacy, although not yet fully.

Unbounded Demon Sect Great Plan



Heavenly River’s Su Clan Seven

Tyrant Song

Due to his personal history with Spooky Song, Gongzi Hai was sent into the Immortal Locking Prison in the Lotus Core World together with Zheng Neng.[4]

Demon Emperor Hezhi

Demon Emperor Hezhi


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