Ranzhen or more intimately addressed as #Hamster is a Demon of the Nine Serenities and the second pet of the Seventh Ruler of the Nine Serenities. He usually accompanies his master or serves as the liaison to #Tyrant Song.


Hamster is a True Neutral, a rarity among the Demons of the Nine Serenities.[1]

Battle of White Cloud Academy

Hamster sneaked into the Battle of White Cloud Academy among other Demons of the Nine Serenities under the orders of his overlord, the Seventh Ruler.

Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign

Ancient Demon Seal

Ancient Saint Sermon

His sermon is about Psychokinesis. The sermon content was tailor made specifically for #Tyrant Song by Hamster’s master, White Two.



White Two

Hamster is White Two’s Pet #2.

Song Shuhang

Hamster has an intense (one-sided) rivalry with Song Shuhang ever since they first meet.

Song Shuhang like to tease (troll, to be precise) Hamster every chance he got.


Hamster was a parody of Ye Gucheng from Lu Xiaofeng series. 

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