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Heavenly Emperor was a legendary Eternal Life Being who founded and led the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Name & Aliases

Heavenly Emperor (Tian Di)

Heavenly Emperor (Tiandizi)

After her abdication as the Heavenly Emperor, Song Shuhang added 子 to her title to become Tiāndìzi (天帝子; Heavenly Emperor) based on Soft Feather's (羽柔子) name series.


Heavenly Emperor has a habit of ending her sentences with dá (哒). This became the reason why Song Shuhang called her as ‘Dádázi’ (哒哒子).

Sometimes, she will be referred as ‘Heavenly Emperor Dádázi’.

Heavenly Dog Egg

Because Heavenly Emperor is also part of Cheng Lin, she is considered as Dog Egg Dad's daughter too, Kui Two asked her if he wanna be 'Heavenly Dog Egg' (天狗蛋).

Dádá Egg

Just like 'Dádázi', the name Dádá Egg (哒哒蛋)combined with dá (哒) and 'Dog Egg'.


Heavenly Emperor was considered as slightly less talented than Ruism’s Holy Man, but still amazing nonetheless.

Cultivation Speed

Stage Time Taken
Foundation Building to Second 20 days
Second to Third 2 years
Third to Fourth 4 years
Fourth to Fifth 5 years

Gold Core Drawing:

The Heavenly Emperor drew a complex Heavenly Court on her gold core.

Way of Eternal Life

Way of the Heavenly Court

Main article: Way of the Heavenly Court

The Way of the Heavenly Court was the Heavenly Emperor’s main way. This Way was prepared for her by the Eighth Heavenly Way.

The Heavenly Emperor also the creator and owner of the Emperor [帝] Character.[1]

The character will exudes the imperial dignity whenever its displayed. She is the second person known to have a character that exclusively belongs to herself after the Ruism Holy Man.

After losing the Way of the Heavenly Court, Heavenly Emperor realm fell from Eternal Life Being Realm to Tribulation Immortal Realm.

Way of Time

Main article: Way of Time

Heavenly Emperor has been seen using the Way of Time during the battle with Blockhead Song.[2]

After passing the Way of the Heavenly Court to her hand-picked successor, the Heavenly Emperor used the Way of Time to re-enter the Eternal Life Being Realm.

Moreover, Heavenly Emperor’s mastery over the Way of Time far surpassing her mastery over the Way of the Heavenly Court.[3]

Ancient Heavenly Court

Creation of Ancient Heavenly Court

The Heavenly Emperor established the Court as part of the Eighth Heavenly Way’s elaborate master plan.

Destruction of Ancient Heavenly Court

For reason yet unknown, Heavenly Emperor was sealed inside the Path of Trials.


I am the Heavenly Emperor!
Heavenly Emperor to Song Shuhang[4]

After being sealed for thousand of years in Path of Trials, the Heavenly Emperor managed to break her seal by possessing Soft Feather’s body.[4] After a quick battle, the Heavenly Emperor was expelled from Soft Feather’s body but possessed her spirit ghost’s instead.

Afterwards, the Heavenly Emperor focused on regaining her strength back.

Battle of Ruism

She unexpectedly used the Steel Avatar to backstab her most loyal general much to White Dragon's shock.

By using Song Shuhang as the intermediary, Heavenly Emperor then proposed a trade with Ruism. She wanted to exchange Ancient Heavenly Court fragments in Ruism possession with the bodies of four of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.


Heavenly Emperor abdicated from the position of Heavenly Emperor by passing the Way of the Heavenly Court to her hand-picked successor, Ah Chang. This succession process was watched by Song Shuhang via his Entering Dream ability.[5][6]

After losing the , Heavenly Emperor’s realm dropped down to Tribulation Immortal Realm for a short time. before returned to Eternal Life Being stage with the Way of Time.[7]


If I don’t die, I won’t obtain the true freedom forever
Heavenly Emperor to White Dragon[8]

To escape from the shackles of the Way of the Heavenly Court, Heavenly Emperor chose to die under Tyrant Song’s hand. Moreover, before her death, she write off Eastern Great Emperor’s debt worth a billion spirit stones in exchange for the great emperor to upgrade Song Shuhang’s two set of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item.[9]

White Dragon was apprehensive upon hearing it as normally an Eternal Life Being of the Heavenly Emperor’s calibre will at least cause the destruction of several star systems or even a galaxy when she died.[8][10] However, Heavenly Emperor assured White Dragon that she doesn’t have any intention to blow up any stars.[10]

Due to an unintentionally misleading comment by Tyrant Ball, it was thought by top Tribulation Immortals and Eternal Life Beings that Heavenly Emperor and Tyrant Song fought a highly destructive battle at the Heavenly Emperor World.[11]

Their battle was thought caused the star to explode and the planet collapsed. The entire realm was swallowed by the principle of destruction and ruin.[11]

Resurrection (2nd)

After her 'death' by Tyrant Song, she resurrected from Tyrant Song's body during Daozi's ascension as the caretaker Heavenly Way, the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way.

Online Offsite Support Team

Online Offsite Support Team


Soft Feather

Heavenly Emperor possessed Soft Feather’s body for a short while during the Path of Trials.[4] Afterwards, the Heavenly Emperor borrowed Soft Feather’s spirit ghost. Similar to Song Shuhang, she has a soft spot for Soft Feather, even helped Soft Feather to sneak out of Spirit Butterfly Island to go adventure with Shuhang. In the end, she become Soft Feather's teacher.

Song Shuhang

Senior Song, you’re mine too dā lā!
Heavenly Emperor to Song Shuhang, Black Dragon World[12]

Ever since her release from the Path of Trials, Heavenly Emperor was noted to have a soft spot for Song Shuhang. Even when she was in combat, if something related with Song Shuhang comes up, Heavenly Emperor will pause for a short time.[4][13]

Due to her possession of Soft Feather's Spirit ghost, she also developed a habit of calling Song Shuhang 'senior'.


Heavenly Emperor has a habit of ending her sentences with ‘dā lā’.

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