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Heavenly Realm Island (天界岛; Tiān Jiè Dǎo) or more commonly referred to as the ‘mysterious island’ was a mysterious floating island in the sky of China.

The Heavenly Realm Island was established using a fragment of the Ancient Heavenly Court as a base and was usually in a completely undetectable status. Even the Current Heaven was unable to locate its position.[1]

Notable Residents

Nine Lanterns

Thunder Pig

Thunder Pig was a survivor of the battle that destroyed the Ancient Heavenly Court, it spend thousands of years recuperating its injuries sustained during the battle.


Is one of Cultivator of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Tomb of the Heavenly Emperors

Tomb of the Old Heavenly Emperor

Tomb of the New Heavenly Emperor

Dragon Tomb

Dragon Tomb (龙墓; Lóng Mù) was located deep in the island.

Walls of the chamber tomb were engraved with glittering runes. The walls have an auto repair function.[2]

There was a platform in the centre of the tomb, and on the platform was lying a huge crystal coffin with various types of white flowers on a side. Additionally, the equally huge nine bronze coffins were positioned inside the room like a formation, firmly protecting the crystal coffin in the centre.[2]

Song Shuhang obtained sixteen Dragon Bone Withered Vine from this place.[3]

Southern Heavenly Gate


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