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Heavenly River’s Su Clan is an ancient major faction in the Cultivation World. It is based around Suzhou area. Its ancestral planet is the Ancestral Star and its origin realm is the Ghost Realm.


The Heavenly River’s Su Clan was established by the first reincarnation of the Fifth Heavenly Way.[1][2] The clan also has and protects the one and only known legacy of the Fifth Heavenly Way, the Way Item Reincarnation Blade.[3][4] Through the Fifth Heavenly Way's Way of the Sabre, the Su Clan benefited for many generations of sabre cultivators.


天河 (Tiān Hé) literally means the ‘Heavenly River’, the Milky Way.

苏 () is a common Chinese surname, listed in the Hundred Family Surnames.

Internal Competition

An internal competition will be held once every four years for same aged disciples of the clan. Top ten winners of Third Stage Battle King category will obtain a size reducing pouch.[5]

Annual Meeting

Despite being called as ‘annual meeting’, it was held randomly, sometimes more than ten years between each meeting.[6]

2019 Annual Meeting

The ancestor of the clan has issued an order to the clan to find a way to invite Saint Monarch Tyrant Song to the annual meeting.

Su Kongyun was tasked to deliver the invitation to Saint Monarch Tyrant Song due to their previous interactions.

Smelting Trial

All those who obtained the ‘digit’, must seek and hunt all variation of themselves. The last one standing will be considered as the true self.

Men Surnamed Song

The female members of the clan, especially those from the ‘Digit’, have a weakness towards men with the surname Song.[7] The elders of the clan deliberately prepare the disciples against surnamed Song.

Sabre Lady Atavism Talent

Because of the clan's ancestry to the Fifth Heavenly Way, her reincarnation experiements and her Way Item Reincarnation Blade, a few of the clan's female descendents have the potential to grow and attain the Sabre Lady ability talent. The ability talent allows a female clan member to voluntarily change into a sabre, with top class Sabre Ladies being able to change into a Way Item rank sabre and access abilities of the Reincarnation Blade. Ancestor Knot is a variation exception.

The talent can also be awakened by a talented female member with the Reincarnation Blade's help in the Ghost Realm.

If the clan's Sabre Lady has a dao companion following the Way of the Sabre, both sides benefit.

Because of this atavism talent's occurence across the clan's history, the Heavenly River's Su Clan became a famous clan for its Way of the Sabre specialists, such as current generation Seven and Sixteen.

Heavenly Way Marriage

Due to Sixteen becoming pregnant with Song Shuhang's child, the Heavenly River's Su Clan became in-laws to the former Ninth Heavenly Way and the Song Family. The Su Clan also gained access to the Tyrant Realm. With this karmic tie, the Su Clan benefited and Tyrant Song, by cultivator's laws, could learn the clan's sabre techniques such as Su Clan's Seven's. Notably, the Heavenly River's Su Clan gained an abnormal genius sabre cultivator in its history who could even duplicate and create his own Sabre Transformation Way Item level magecraft as well as mutate the 'sabre' into 'anything can work' of evil proportions.....


  • Su Clan's Sixteen became the permanent dao companion to the former co-Ninth Heavenly Way Tyrant Song by the end of the Story.
  • Su Clan's Seven assisted with establishing a firm sabre foundation for Tyrant Song through his techniques.

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