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Heavenly Way Remains Ball (天道遗蜕球; Tiān Dào Yítuì Qiú) was the Heavenly Way Remains of the Eighth Heavenly Way. Compared with the remains of the previous Heavenly Ways, the Heavenly Remains Ball was formed before the Eighth Heavenly Way leaves the position.[1]

Song Shuhang’s Necrosis Kidney

Heavenly Way Remains Ball intruded a Small Black Room and forcefully steal Song Shuhang’s necrosis kidney from the Mist Demon.[2]

It then opened a Gate of Space and went straight to Earth.[2]


After a series of experiments by White Two on the wisp of Heavenly Way Remains on the Tyrant Song Battle Boots (+10), he found out that his blood is very corrosive to the remains.[3]

After being notified by Song Shuhang of the finding, White experimented with his own blood, also with Skylark, Seventh Path and Spirit Butterfly blood.



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