«Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» is one of the top two body tempering arts in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, sharing the honour with the «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body».[1][2]

This divine art is commonly practised by the practitioners from Beast Realm. This art allowed one to condense the projections of the ancient holy apes on the top of one’s head. Each holy ape projection represented a portion of the giant ape’s divine strength.[3]


The «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» was created by an unnamed old man thousands of years ago. This divine art ranked third amongst the cultivation techniques he created. The divine art also was taught to seven beast cultivators directly by him.[4]


Normally speaking, the time to condense just a single phantom could take at least tens of years.

Cultivation Levels

Maximum Quantity[5]

Notes Ref.
Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign 10 [6][7]
Sixth Stage True Monarch 30 [7]
Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable 70 [7]
Eighth Stage Profound Sage 100 – 200 Only Eighth Stage or higher can condense 100 or more phantoms. [8][7]
Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal 400 – 500 [6]
600 – 700 Only those who have extra ordinarily long lifespan may have these numbers of phantoms. [6]

In the Beast Realm, it is common to show off the quantity of Holy Ape phantoms one’s have before a fight. By the comparing the number of the phantoms, the combatants established the relative strength between them.[7]

Smelting Trial

In order to obtain the complete legacy, a practitioner of the art must participate in the smelting trial at the Jar Holy Mountain. Only a limited number of participant allowed for each session, and each session will be held randomly.

Jar Holy Mountain

First Station: Path of Trial

Second Station: Super Giant Ape King Acknowledgement

  • Presiding officers: Skinny Super Giant Ape King and Strong Super Giant Ape King
  • Reward: Holy Ape evolved into Steel Holy Ape

Gold Moon Smelting Trial

First Station: Shadow Beasts

Upon arriving one the Gold Moon, the trialists will be attacked by shadow beasts that can move freely in the shadows. Those who failed to fend off the beast will have their energy sucked dry. Usually they need 3 – 5 months to recuperate.[9][10]

Reward: Experience memory

Second Station: Divine Dragon Acknowledgement

Majority of Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign and Sixth Stage True Monarch participants’ goal when entering the Land of Smelting Trial was not to obtain the final legacy. Their true goal was to obtain the divine dragon’s acknowledgement first. They will try to obtain the final legacy when they already a Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable or higher.[9]

Third Station Purgatory Tunnel

The immortal boat for this station was destroyed when Song Shuhang activated a special skill taught to him by White Two.

Crystal Room

There are 100,000 crystals in this room, with each crystal has a rune on it. Trialists must rearrange the crystals into the correct sequence.


Known Practitioners

Orangutan General

Beast Realm’s Great General who Conquers the West was widely known as a genius practitioner of this art, only managed to condense 107 Holy Apes phantoms, despite practicing it since childhood.[13][14]

During the Tour of Forbidden Area, he was bestowed with 143 Holy Ape phantoms by White Two making his phantoms to 250.[15]


White obtained the manual for the «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» from a phoenix from the Beast Realm. In exchange, he lent the phoenix the Stone Tablet.[16] He practiced this art as a hobby and condensed 587 phantoms.[13]

During the Tour of Forbidden Area, White Two encountered Orangutan General who boasted about his 107 phantoms. As a reward for becoming his pet, White Two bestowed 143 Holy Ape phantoms to the Orangutan General, leaving himself with 444 phantoms.[13][17]

Afterwards, White Two practiced the art again until he mistakenly condensed 12,346 phantoms instead of 12,345 phantoms as he originally intended.[18] He solved the problem by bestowing a Holy Ape phantom to Song Shuhang.[14]

White-haired Old Man

White-haired Old Man practiced the «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» for several hundred of years. Only after he reached the Fifth Stage did he managed to condense 10 holy apes.[14]

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang obtained the manual for the First Stage until the Sixth Stage of the «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» from a Beast Realm’s cultivator, the White-haired Old Man.[3][18] Later on, he obtained the full and authentic version up until the Ninth Stage from Saint Monarch Blue Luan as part of Beast Realm’s payment for his help in the Biohazard Crisis.[7]

Song Shuhang’s apes were noted to be extraordinarily unique and unprecedented. Even the Super Giant Ape Kings and Divine Dragon have never see anything like it, despite them having presided the trials for thousands upon tens of thousands years.

Blue Luan

Saint Monarch Blue Luan also practiced this «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art». Since she was an established Eighth Stage Profound Saint, it is safe to assume that she has condensed more than a hundred holy ape phantoms.

As part of Beast Realm’s payment for Tyrant Song’s help in the Biohazard Crisis, Blue Luan delivered with the complete manual for the divine art.[19] She also explained the FAQs to the self-learnt Saint Monarch Tyrant Song.[20]


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