Immortal Farmer Sect is a small sect in the cultivation world. The sect speciliazed in planting efficacious herbs and medicines. As such, they were considered as a minor celebrity.[1]

Enmity With Seven

Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit

Gongzi Hai recommended the sect’s Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit to Seven when the latter was looking for medicines to heal Sixteen’s Heavenly Tribulation injuries. However, the sect rejected Seven’s request.

Later that night, the sect was attacked by ‘Seven’, injuring eighteen disciples and the Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit was taken away. This event was the cause of enmity between Immortal Farmer Sect and Heavenly River’s Su Clan.[2]

Battle of Blue Plains Valley

Using a spy within the sect, Moon Sabre Sect leaked the information that ‘Seven’ and the Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit was currently at the Blue Plains Valley. Upon receiving the intel, the sect master led a sizeable number of sect members to the Blue Plains Valley, with the intent of recovering the Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit back.[2]

After the battle ended, Seven granted the sect with his token, representing the sect now under his protection.

Later Events

After he returned from the outer space, Song Shuhang contacted the sect, with the intent of buying ingredients for a medicinal bath from them. 

As an apology, Zheng De on behalf of the sect gave a Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit’s seed to Sixteen via Shuhang.

Treasure and Inheritance


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