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Holy City, Infallibe

Everlasting Infallible Holy City, also referred to as the Infallible Holy City, is a gigantic fortress with 300 meters high walls.[1]

The Everlasting Infallible Holy City represents the holy city that would not fall even in the face of an apocalyptic attack and explosions that had the power to destroy the world. It had the strongest defence, one that was bound to never fall.[2]

When it was first combined, the Infallible Holy City was at the Eighth Stage and infinitely close to Ninth Stage.[3] 

Seven Holy

The holy city also part of seven Holy + [Noun] group. The seven Holy are:

  1. 圣城 Holy City
  2. 圣剑 Holy Sword
  3. 圣人 Holy Man
  4. 圣血 Holy Blood
  5. 圣核 Holy Core
  6. 圣祭 Holy Sacrifice
  7. 圣龙 Holy Dragon


Eighth Stage your younger sister!
An enraged Sixth Path to Song Shuhang

The holy city set was one of the two sets forged by Sixth Path and Seventh Path with the help of twenty master artificers from the Thirty Three Beasts Divine Sect.[4][5]

Due to the materials are Eighth Stage while her realm was constrained in the Sixth Stage, Sixth Path used the Nine Paths Phoenix Fire (九修凤凰火; jiǔ xiū fènghuáng huǒ), borrowed from the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre during the forging process.[4]

In exchange for rescuing Fourth Path and Seventh Path from the Eye Looking Planet, Sixth Path has agreed to forge two sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item for Song Shuhang and a mysterious senior.[6]

After being saved and delivered into the Lotus Core World, Seventh Path helped with the forging and Fourth Path served as assistant.

Afterwards, Bow Holding Old Man sent twenty artificers from the Thirty Three Beasts Divine Sect to help Song Shuhang forging the Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item.[5]



Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor

Before she died, Heavenly Emperor has arranged for the Eastern Great Emperor to upgrade Song Shuhang’s two set of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item from Eighth Stage to Ninth Stage. Although Heavenly Emperor wrote off Eastern Great Emperor’s debt of 1 billion spirit stones for it, Song Shuhang had to provide for the materials and spirit stones needed for the upgrade.[7] Song Shuhang then took out Kun King’s treasure pile from his Lotus Core World and borrowed a massive quantity of spirit stones from White’s doppelgänger.[8][9]

For this set, Song Shuhang also used these materials

  1. 32 Heart of Tyrant Songs, one for each magical items except for the Orca Warrior Gauntlet;
  2. Heavenly Way’s Eye Drops;
  3. Mysterious substance from Spirit Transforming Ruins

Magical Items

No[10] Beast Magical Item Notes References
1 Whale Orca Warrior Gauntlet

This magical item is the holy city’s core and only magical item that can’t be swapped with the Doomsday’s Holy Sword set.

2 Turtle Shield of King-Tyrant Specialist
3 Dog Ring of the Dog Divine General
4 Hare Fairy Jade Hare Cloak
5 Ox Single Horned Ox King Helmet
6 Elephant Pillar of the Saint Elephant Commander
7 Horse Shoe of A Thousand Miles Divine Horse
8 Sheep Ring of the Black Sheep Warrior
9 Snake Sting of the Shadow Snake King
10 Deer Giant Deer Old Monarch Strongbow
11 Donkey Immortal Donkey Grandmaster Whisk
12 Camel Crag of the Camel Fierce Gentry

Transformed into the holy city’s cornerstone.

13 Boar Wild Boar Tyrant’s Battering Ram
14 Cat Cat Monster Fairy Lady Divine Gate Formed the main gate of the holy city [1]
15 Lion Wall of Gold Lion King

Formed the two inner walls of the holy city

16 Tiger Wall of the White Tiger King
17 Shark Wall of Ice Shark King

Formed the two external walls of the holy city

18 Hawk Wall of Thunder Hawk King
19 Bear Bear Flaming Legion Battle Drums
20 Phanter Black Panther Command Flag
21 Wolf Arrow of the Ripping Wolf Fang
22 Fox Crossbow of the Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox
23 Pangolin Pangolin Heart Protecting Mirror
24 Crane Immortal Crane Gentleman’s Winged Crown
25 Crab Giant Crab Golden Battle Armour
26 Cuttlefish Cuttlefish Despot Double Sabres
27 Ape Old Ape Hierophant Sharp Sword
28 Dolphin Dolphin Sonic Gigantic Cannon [3]
29 Shrimp Dragon[11] Shrimp Dragon Prowling Battle Chariot
30 Fowl Tyrant Fowl Chanting Bugle
31 Marten Seven Coloured Rock Marten Pagoda

Transformed into hundreds of arrow tower constructed within the city walls.

32 Goose Mr. Wild Goose Tail Immortal Zither
33 Mouse Mouse Demon Torture Barb Spread out and covered the four walls [3]

Special Attak: Boar Charge

Boar Charge

This is so you... Using the holy city to boar charge the enemy, and use the holy sword to block enemy attacks
Scarlet Firmament Sword[12]

Despite the holy city obviously a defensive magical item, Song Shuhang was known to use it on offensive by boar charge (猪突; zhūtū) his enemies.

Giant of Destruction

The holy city can combine with Doomsday’s Holy Sword (or any other set of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item) to form the After the Holy City Falls Apart... The Giant that Destroys Myriad Things (圣城崩溃后......那毁灭万物的巨人; shèng chéng bēngkuì hòu...... nà huǐmiè wànwù de jùrén).

See also

Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item

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