Jade Maiden was a disciple of the Clear Water Pavilion. Together with Golden Boy, she served as an attendant who took care of Pavilion Lord Chu’s daily necessity.


In myths, Golden Boy and Jade Maiden are apprentices and assistants of immortals.

During the Spring Festivals, pictures featuring the combination of a Golden Boy and a Jade Maiden, both of who are usually seen dressed in traditional Chinese clothes, can often be found on the doors of common households. Characterised with red round faces and bright sweet smiles, the two figures are considered as good omens that are capable of bringing fortune and happiness for the whole family all year round.


Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion

Jade Maiden was killed when the Clear Water Pavilion was caught in an attack by a task force of 3,000 monster hunters.

Transcendence Tyrant Song collected her soul right after his death and she shall be resurrected in the year 2020 as per the former’s agreement with Chu One and Chu Two.


By using a gigantic resurrection array prepared by Ninth Heavenly Way White,[1] Jade Maiden was resurrected in the year 2020 at Tyrant Realm along side other members of the Clear Water Pavilion.[2]

Alternate Timeline

In this alternate timeline, Jade Maiden and the rest of the Clear Water Pavilion’s members survived the Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion. This was due to Transcendence Tyrant Song intervened the on-going battle royale between two group of cultivators. The battle royale participants were then severely punished. Tyrant Song also erased the existence of the 3,000 monster hunters.


Her name was translated as ‘male attendant’ in the HTL.

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