Jian Yuanhai was an elder of the Void Sword School.

Life Span

As a cultivator of the Fourth Stage, Jian Yuanhai should have had a life expectancy of 550 – 600 years. However, Jian Yuanhai repeatedly used a mysterious technique to stimulate his latent capacity and obtain explosive power when he was young and roaming the world. Therefore, although he was only around 300 years, his lifeforce was already exhausted, and he looked very old.[1]

Battle of Severing Immortal

Jian Yuanhai participated in the third and final round of the Battle of Severing Immortal, facing against Chu Aristocratic Family’s Chu Kangbo.

Despite being injured, Chu Kangbo easily suppressed Jian Yuhai just by relying on the difference in realm. Jian Yuhai’s right arm and flying sword were blown into pieces by Chu Kangbo’s attacks{R|394}}

After losing his dominant arm, Jian Yuanhai’s fighting capacity greatly diminished. He didn’t merely lose his right arm; he even suffered several internal injuries. He became one of the weakest cultivators amongst the Fourth Stage Realm.[2]


Just like the rest of the Void Sword School disciples, Jian Yuanhai was massacred by the Sea Urchin Warriors.


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