Jiangnan University (simplified Chinese : 江南大学; traditional Chinese : 江南大學; pinyin: Jiāngnán Dàxué), JNU, is a university located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Reputed as the “Pearl of China’s Light Industry Higher Education”, Jiangnan University is the cradle, and one of the major supporting institutions, of China’s light industry.

The distinguished disciplines are food science and biotechnology, chemical technology for light industry, mechanical and control engineering for light industry, textile engineering, clothing design and industrial design.


The university campus covers 208 hectares with floor space of 1.05 million square meters. It is located by Lake Li (蠡湖), a national scenic resort in the south of Wuxi. It was designed and built to demonstrate the concept of an “Eco-campus”.


Jiangnan University consists of 17 schools and offers 48 undergraduate programs with 9 disciplines including science, engineering, medicine, literature, economics, management, law, education and arts. Jiangnan University has 6 Post-doctoral Research Stations in the fields of Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Environment Engineering and Textile Engineering. It is entitled to confer master's degrees in 58 programs, and doctoral degrees in 28 programs.





Evil Pestilence

An evil pestilence made its way into the university. A trio of monster hunters tracked it.


Jiangnan University was erroneously translated as Jiangnan College by Godbrandy. Jiangnan University Campus also translated as Jiangnan College Town.

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