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Jing Mo was Unbounded Demon Sect disciple of the 69th Peak Mahoraga Peak.


Jing Mo had silver coloured spiky hair. His eye pupil was golden colour, due to his cultivation reason had lightning current sparkling through his eyes in between time.[1]


He was hot tempered and conceited individual. Almost everyone on the Mahoraga Peak had quarrelled and fought with him. In the end, even the Peak Lord of the Mahoraga Peak couldn’t stand him anymore and sent him off to a branch.[1]


«Nine Nights Calls the Thunder Technique»

Jing Mo’s flying sword is covered by thunder taking a form of vivid and lifelike dragons brandishing its fangs and claws.

Magical Items

Blood Escape Great Technique Talisman

It was a talisman Jing Mo obtained from his master. It will activate the «Blood Escape Great Technique» upon usage.

Flying Sword

An Unbounded Demon Sect’s standard issue Fourth Stage flying sword. It a had jet-black appearance.

Puppet Doppleganger

Jing Mo had a low rank puppet doppelgänger magical item which could link its five senses to its user.


Daoist Half Gourd

Daoist Half Gourd was Jing Mo’s one and only friend. Because of his personality making it hard for him to make friends, Jing Mo treated this ‘friend’ extra nicely and cherished him a lot—except that when he went berserk, he would still beat him up. But, when he had something good going on, he would always think about his only friend.

Gongzi Hai

Gongzi Hai became Jing Mo’s main target due to the former was favoured by the Peak Lord of the Mahoraga Peak. He will come over to Gongzi Hai’s place once every a few days just to annoy the latter.[1]

Gongzi Hai tricked Jing Mo into dealing with Mountain of Books’ Huge Pressure to obtain the Blood God Diamond.


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