King Half Spider Puppet was one of the primogenitor puppets of the Mohism that Eternal Life Being Heavenly Aspiration personally manufactured.[1]

The puppet was created when Heavenly Aspiration has yet trod his Way of Eternal Life.

Heavenly Aspiration once fought against Northern Great Emperor by using the King of Half Spider Puppet. After the battle, the puppet was badly damaged and buried under a hundred metres of ice in the glacial world by Northern Great Emperor.[1]

When in perfect condition, its strength was comparable to the peak of the Eighth Stage, but now, 89% of its body is damaged, and there is no point in repairing it.[1]

The technology the core of the puppet uses makes it act as a ‘Furnace of Quasi-Eternal’. The energy core was preserved in good conditions, and it can be extracted and utilized.[1]


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