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«Knowledge is Strength» is a magecraft created by the amazing Holy Man. It’s an extremely powerful magecraft and many Eternal Life Beings were amazingly beaten with it during the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII.


This magecraft is a combination of two other magecrafts, which are:

By using «Compressed Space Explosion Secret Technique», Holy Man will open a Gate of Space (or multiple Gate of Spaces) nearby his opponent. The gate will lock on the opponent and can’t be shaken of, regardless what the opponent did.

By using «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body», will hammer the knowledge into his opponent’s body, via the aforementioned Gate of Space.

Known Usage

VS Son of Heaven

Holy Man’s obsession channelled by Blockhead Song only use this magecraft from start to finish to amazingly beat the Son of Heaven until exploding, without the later has any chance to counter attack even once. This is notable due to moments before, Son of Heaven has put a task force of five top Eternal Life Beings on defensive easily.

VS Moon-like Fire

Eternal Life Being Moon-like Fire was amazingly beaten by ‘Profound Sage Tyrant Song doppelgänger’ during the Battle of Mars. Spectating big shots who were watching the battle were instantly reminded of the bitter experience being amazingly beaten by Holy Man.

VS Heavenly Aspiration


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