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Kui Two is the counterpart of the Third Heavenly Way.

Name & Aliases

Striped Dragon Two

What the hell is this Striped Dragon Two? Don’t tell me this is how you have been calling me all along? Careful that I don’t chop you to pieces!
Kui Two to Song Shuhang[1]

Striped Dragon Two (斑纹龙two; Bānwén Lóng Two) was a nickname given to the Third Nine Serenities Ruler by Song Shuhang.

‘Two’ was Song Shuhang’s standard nomenclature for referring to Nine Serenities Rulers.

Dog Egg Dad

After Song Shuhang listened to the Four Great Dragon Kings’ names, he criticised Kui Two’s naming sense.[2]

In retaliation, Kui Two changed Cheng Lin’s Dao Name, which also Shuhang’s Dao Name, into Dog Egg Order (程狗蛋; Chéng Gǒu Dàn).[2] However, since he is Cheng Lin’s father, that name change also made him the Dog Egg Dad (狗蛋爹; Gǒu Dàn Diē).[3]

Dog Egg Her Dad was a variation of this name, used by Three Eyed Young’un to address Kui Two.

My Family Has A Pair of Dog Eggs

My Family Has A Pair of Dog Eggs’ was a nickname used by Kui Two in the Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group. The pair of dog eggs referred to Cheng Lin and Song Shuhang.

Ruler Striped Dragon

Ruler Striped Dragon (斑纹龙主宰; Bānwén Lóng Zhǔzǎi) was the term used to address the Third Nine Serenities Ruler.

Spooky Dragon

Spooky Dragon (龙幽幽; Lóng Yōuyōu) was from the Rulers of the Nine Serenities’ Spooky-series.


Human Form

Kui Two appeared as a young man with a tall and slender build in his human form. He also wore a pure white robe with a lifelike blue luan drawn on it. The sleeves of his clothing were relatively large, and the lower hem also very long.[4][5]

During the Immemorial Era, he used to have a single leg in his human form. When the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group met him during one of their exploration, Kui Two had two legs.[5]

Dragon Form

Kui Two has the same build, aura, and shape with his counterpart, Kui without only a few differences.[6]

The patterns on his body were reversed, instead of ‘white alternating with black’, it was ‘black alternating with white’. In another words, their colours were inverted.[6]

Moreover, as a Nine Serenities Ruler, his body has the Nine Serenities Ruler’s specialty soul-cutting aura.[7]


Golden Lotus World

Kui Two sent four gigantic demons to protect the Golden Lotus World from the Demons of the Nine Serenities. The four colossal demons surrounding it and slowly moving around it.[6]

  • One was a huge, one-kilometre-long snake with its tail split into nine parts.
  • One was a ball-shaped demon with a size that wasn’t inferior to that of the huge snake. This demon somewhat resembled a sea urchin, and its whole body was covered with needles.
  • The other two resembled ordinary fishes, but they had six pairs of scaly claws on their body.


Four Great Dragon Kings

The Four Great Dragon Kings (四大龙王; sì dà lóng wáng), also known as the Four Great Dragon Beasts (四大龙兽; sì dà lóng shòu), were Kui Two’s direct subordinates during his reign as the Third Nine Serenities Ruler. All four of them were in deep slumber ever since the Immemorial Era until they were summoned by their overlord to assist the Acting Nine Serenities Ruler, Tyrant Song on January 2020.[8]

As Demons of the Nine Serenities, the Four Great Dragon Kings were not able to tread the Way of Eternal Life to be Eternal Life Beings. However, they received special modification from their overlord that allowed them to survive until the present day.

  • Diamond Order (程钻; Cheng Zuan) is the Dragon King of the East Serenities.[2]
  • Steel Order (程钢; Cheng Gang) is the Dragon King of the West Serenities.[2]
  • Myria(pod) Order (程多; Cheng Duo) is the Dragon King of the South Serenities.[2]
  • Diamond Order (程虹; Cheng Hong) is the Dragon King of the North Serenities.[2]

Cheng Lin

Song Shuhang

Kuí Two was the third Nine Serenities Ruler that Song Shuhang encountered, after White Two and Fat Ball.

Kuí Two also shifted himself into Cultivation Chat Group’s [Blacklist].

He eventually forms a sketchy logic that Cheng Lin = Dog egg order = shuhang, and decides that shuhang is sort of his daughter by some twisted logic. To the point that he hopes shuhang will have a daughter who would be Khi Two’s grand daughter. Shuhang is aware of this and at one point, bribes Kui Two into doing him a favour by offering him “you can grant the nickname for my daughter/ your granddaughter, after she is born”

Second Nine Serenities Ruler

At the end of the novel, both of them became friends.


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