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Li Yinzhu



Fourth Stage

Li Yinzu was a Fourth Stage Inborn at the start of the novel.

Eighth to Ninth Heavenly Tribulation

Together with Shuhang, Yinzhu was dragged into Eat Melon’s Eighth to Ninth Heavenly Tribulation. Yinzhu spent the whole ordeal by sleeping soundly.

Transforming Mortality into Immortality

You owe me a big favour, a big as the heaven favour
@#%× to Song Shuhang[1]

golden diamond ball[1]

Fourth to Fifth Heavenly Tribulation


Yinzhu’s Fourth to Fifth Tribulation was combined together with Shuhang’s Fifth to Sixth Tribulation. Their tribulations mutated into the first ever Eighth Stage Black Dragon Tribulation in the history. Yinzhu spent the whole tribulation by sleeping soundly.

After the tribulation ended, Yinzhu became the Thousand Years’ Tenth Saint, Ancient Saint Yinzhu.

Ancient Saint Sermon

Again, Yinzhu slept throughout the sermon. As a result, she failed to obtain enough karma.

However, Song Shuhang used his authority as the Dragon Net’s super manager to lower the punishment intensity by prolonging the duration.

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Lord of Tyrant Realm

Before he start transcending from the position of Heavenly Way, Song Shuhang was advised by the Second Nine Serenities Ruler to temporarily transfer his jurisdiction as the Realm Lord of the Tyrant Realm to someone else.[2]

Agreeing with the suggestion, Song Shuhang then brought Yinzhu and Lingxiao to Tyrant Realm. There, he allowed the girls to choose among themselves who will be the new Realm Lord. After Lingxiao’s rejection, Li Yinzhu agreed to become the second Realm Lord of the Tyrant Realm.[2]

Tyrant Realm’s Seal of Realm Lord was divided into two small seals by Song Shuhang. One of these small seals was then assimilated into Yinzhu’s body. After receiving the seal, Little Yinzhu immediately entered meditative status. She was then protected by Three Corpses – Tyrant Evil in a forbidden place within the core of the Tyrant Realm.[2]


Li Tiansu

Unnamed Mother

Yinzhu’s mother was the heir of a middle sized school of female cultivators. She fell in love and got married with Li Tiansu with the blessings of her school’s elders. Not long afterwards, she gave birth to Yinzhu.

When Yinzhu was ten years old, her mother transcended the Four Promotes Fifth Heavenly Tribulation. Sadly, she failed and as a result, her body and soul was completely destroyed.

Song Shuhang

Yinzhu’s adopted father, she calls him as ‘Ah Song’. Due to Entering Dream, Li Tiansu’s karma with Yinzhu was transferred to Shuhang.

Despite being his adopted daughter, Yinzhu is older than Shuhang.

Special Abilities

Yinzhu has a skill that allows her to swallow flames in order to help counter her freezing disease.

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  • When Song Shuhang see her for the first time he say that in his memory she is supposed to be around 12 or 13 years old but is explained that due to her ice illness her body and Qi regressed to that state.

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