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Liquid Metal Ball is the eighth and reigning Heavenly Way until its collapse on 01st January 2020.[1][2] At the start of the novel, Liquid Metal Ball already entered the auto mode for several thousand of years.[3]

Name & Aliases

Liquid Metal Ball was known as the ‘Current Heaven’ and sometimes simplified as the ‘Heaven’.


Liquid Metal Ball has a silver white body with metallic feeling.[4]

It also wasn’t a human, ghost, beast, monster, demon, or ‘god’.[5]

Vying for the Heavenly Way

After the Seventh Heavenly Way abdicated, Liquid Metal Ball participated in the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII, fighting against Holy Man in the final battle.[5]

Although Liquid Metal Ball is weaker than Holy Man, but it has the strongest recovery ability in All Heavens and Myriad Realms. As long as it has a moment of respite, it will recover its strength and vitality.[5]

As such, despite Holy Man dominated the entire battle, Liquid Metal Ball was the winner.[5]

Legacies of Heavenly Ways

Right after it was promoted as the Eighth Heavenly Way, Liquid Metal Ball used its Heavenly Way authority to collect the legacies of the previous Heavenly Ways. It collected the legacies of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Ways.[6]

Liquid Metal Ball found out that the legacies of the Fourth and Fifth Heavenly Ways were completely useless and have no research value.

Liquid Metal Ball also considers two out of three Sixth Heavenly Way’s legacies as useless too.

Ancient Heavenly Court Plan

Main article: Ancient Heavenly Court

In order to patch its flaw, Liquid Metal Ball established the Ancient Heavenly Court with the Heavenly Emperor as the leader.[6]

Son of Heaven

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Changing Heaven

Main article: Changing Heaven

For several thousand years, top Tribulation Immortals and Eternal Life Beings faintly sensed that the ‘Current Heaven’ is flawed, and various signs indicated that it was about to disappear.[3] However, it’s unknown for how long the Heavenly Way can hold on, since despite flawed, a Heavenly Way is still a Heavenly Way. It is possible that the ‘Current Heaven’ can hold on for several thousands of years to ten thousands of years.[7]

But on 15 September 2019, as Scallion Lady was about to transcend her Third Stage tribulation, All Heavens and Myriad Realms’s practitioners of Second Stage or higher suddenly have a feeling that the Current Heaven can’t hold on anymore.[7]

Heavenly Way Remains

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Collapse of Heaven

Main article: Collapse of the Heavenly Way

Collapse of the Heavenly Way (天道崩溃; Tiān Dào Bēngkuì) was an event that took place on 01st January 2020 where the Current Heaven, the Eighth Heavenly Way suddenly collapsed. It was witnessed by practitioners from All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Demons of the Nine Serenities via Tyrant Song’s fifth manifestation.


The Eighth Imperishable body in the previous world is also a liquid metal ball.

The Eighth Heavenly Way is a plan of the Second Imperishable body in the previous world. The Second Imperishable body saw the future of the world will be destroyed after the Ninth Imperishable body, so he created a "perfect being", Liquid Metal Ball to become the Eighth Imperishable body forever. However, the plan failed and continued in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

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