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They are named as such because they are the new Saints to appear since the last Saint appeared more than a thousand years ago.[1]

Aside from the Fifth Saint, other Saints are acquainted with Song Shuhang in one way or the other.

No. Name Title Type Nickname Sermon Status Ref
1 Song Shuhang

Tyrant Song


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ First Saint Dao Scripture[2] Fake [1]
2 Seven Lives Talisman

Seven Lives Talisman


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Second Saint Dharma[3] Fake [4]
3 Always Far]]

Always Far


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Third Saint Method of Double Cultivation[5] Fake [4][6]
4 Faraway Place

Faraway Place


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Fourth Saint How to Delay Heavenly Tribulation[7] Fake [4]
5 Manstein

Winter Melon


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Fifth Saint Way of Defence True [8]
6 White

Saint White


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Sixth Saint Tractor Race True [9]
7 Seventh Path

Seventh Path


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Seventh Saint Comprehensive Collection of Cultivation Technology True [10]
8 Song Shuhang


Tyrant Ru


Profound Demon Thousand Years’ First Demon Filial Piety[12] Fake [13]
9 Doudou



Ancient Saint Thousand Years’ Eighth Saint Monster Saint Heart Sutra[14] Fake [15]
10 Soft Feather

Spirit Butterfly


Ancient Saint Thousand Years’ Ninth Saint Combined Magecraft Application Fake [16]
11 Li Yinzhu



Ancient Saint Thousand Years’ Tenth Saint None[17] Fake [16]
12 Song Shuhang

Tyrant Dragon


Ancient Saint Thousand Years’ Eleventh Saint Stimulating the Anger, Overcoming the Anger, Controlling the Anger Fake [16][18]
13 Spirit Butterfly

Spirit Butterfly


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Eleventh Saint True
14 #Hamster



Ancient Demon Mental Energy (Mental Sense) Coordinate Energy, Transforms as Method of Formidable Attack–type Psychokinesis[19] Fake


28 members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group [Dragon Net ID] Ancient Saint None Fake
15 Song Shuhang

Tyrant Demon


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Twelfth Saint Interactive Q&A Session Fake
16 Sixteen

Mountain of Su[20]


Profound Saint Thousand Years’ Twelfth Saint Thunder Technique Fake
17 Song Shuhang

Tyrant Exterminate


Profound Saint Thousand Years' Thirteenth Saint True Illusion: Life and Death Reincarnation Fake

Tyrant Serenity


Profound Demon Thousand Years' Thirteenth Saint feat. Distinguishing Snow and Chu Chu True

Tyrant Sabre


Profound Saint Not A sermon feat. Saint White and Anything Can Sell True

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