Little Sunflower was a disciple of the Unbounded Demon Sect from Jing Mo’s branch. He was tasked by his branch to capture and bring back Song Shuhang to the Unbounded Demon Sect.[1]


Despite his name, Little Sunflower was a two meters tall brute; he was literally a mountain of muscles. And the thing that caused people to despair was that he actually had a pretty and delicate face.[1]


He was a very sly fellow and a master at hiding his aura. In his branch, he was one of the best disciples when it came to gathering information.[1]


Little Sunflower was a First Stage cultivator with five of his acupoints already opened. He already close to Fish Leaping Through the Dragon Gate threshold

Magical item


it was a low quality magical treasure containing ‘Green Breeze Speed Boost’ spell and was used by Cultivator Sunflower to increase his speed in battle


He recruited six former underlings of Altar Master to help him ambushing Song Suhang.[2] and was killed using «Flame Sabre» during the fight.[3]


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