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Liu Jianyi was Spirit Butterfly’s successor disciple.


Liu Jianyi was a tall and handsome young man with a lazy expression on his face.[1]


Liu Jianyi was an extremely lazy guy, who learned the «Turtle Breathing Art» so he can reduce breathing to just three times a month. If something can be done with a single finger, he won’t lift the second finger.[1]

He happily entered White’s Slow Secret Realm and refused to get out. Venerable Spirit Butterfly had to ask White to ‘rescue’ Jianyi, despite Jianyi’s insistence to stay in the secret realm.[2]

He also purposely exposed himself to Dharma King Good Fortune’s lethal singing just to knock himself out for a few days, because he was too lazy to wear ear plugs, also being knocked out means he doesn’t need to use any energy at all.[3]

The Search for Ghost Lantern Temple

Liu Jianyi was protecting Soft Feather in secret and keeping his master up-to-date with the current situation. Unless Soft Feather in danger, he’s not to take any action.[1]

The Battle of Severing Immortal

After the Battle of Severing Immortal ended, Jianyi fought and defeat the two Spirit Sovereigns invited by the Void Sword School as retaliation for them exerting pressure towards Soft Feather.

However, before the fight started, he asked those two to allow him to punch them and then take some pictures, in order to save time. Despite he defeated them rather quickly and easily, he complained about the calories he has lost in the fight.

Jianyi also fought against a group of Sea Urchin Warriors.

Dharma King Good Fortune’s Concert

Liu Jianyi escorted Soft Feather to Dharma King Good Fortune’s concert.[4]

As soon as Good Fortune starts singing, Liu Jianyi, who was at the first row and not wearing any earplugs, had collapsed right where he was, his mouth foaming as he almost fell unconscious. His whole body was weak, which meant that he would not need to move nor consume energy. He could simply lie down and rest in a fair and decent manner.[3]

The feeling of weakness ran through his entire body. He remained motionless, and he could not feel any of his energy being consumed. Although he was about to faint, he was very happy nonetheless. Because that meant that he wouldn’t even need to think.[3]


Despite being a powerful Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign, Liu Jianyi loved to pretend to be a Fourth Stage Inborn cultivator.


Spirit Butterfly Island

Spirit Butterfly

Liu Jianyi is Spirit Butterfly’s successor disciple, although his master sometimes regretted the decision.

Soft Feather

Usually Liu Jianyi will be sent by Spirit Butterfly to secretly protect Soft Feather whenever she ‘ran away’ from home.

Sometimes Soft Feather used his laziness as a bargaining chip to obtain more freedom from his babysitting.

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Although Liu Jianyi wasn’t part of the Nine Provinces (1) Group, he is friends with the chat group members. His laziness also well known amongst the members.


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