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A living item (本命法器; běnmìng fǎqì) is a magical item that was bounded to a cultivator. A living item will grow together with its master and forge a relationship that nothing can come between it and its master.[1]

As such, any other magical item is just an external thing; there is no effect to the cultivator even if it was damaged. But living items are different, if they were damaged, the damage will directly feed back to the cultivator’s main body. Therefore many cultivators’ living item isn’t used for ‘battle’, but is used to assist practice – the living item is used to enhance the cultivator’s dragon mark quality, strengthen gold core and nascent soul’s potential.[1]

Fourth Stage

Forging the Living Item

Living items normally forged when a practitioner is at the Fourth Stage. In general, living item can increase the rate of success of transcending the tribulations by more than 30%.[2]


Normally, using Fourth Stage materials already enough to forge a Fourth Stage magical item. Even using Fifth Stage materials can be considered as a bit excessive.[3]

Fifth Stage

Living items also increase the chance of having a higher number of dragon mark. If any other cultivator have a complete set of Eighth Stage living items like Song Shuhang, that cultivator will obtain an extra dragon mark on his Gold Core too.[4]

During the Fifth Stage, a living item normally will be in the wearing in process.[5]

Sixth Stage


Usually at Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, a practitioner will submerge his living item into his spirit lake (灵湖; líng hú) in order to strengthening and nourishing the item. The deeper the lake is, the better the effect is.[5]

Condensation of the Life Wheel

Living item also plays an important role in during the Sixth Stage’s second minor realm, Life Wheel on the Lake (湖上命轮; hú shàng mìng lún). During the condensation of the life wheel, living item can enhance the life wheel’s strength and shorten the condensation process.[5]

Life Wheel Requirement[5]
High lake soul + living item + Heavenly Astral
Medium lake soul + living item
Low lake soul

Ten Layers of Heaven

Starting from the Seventh Layer of Heaven and above, a practitioner needs to use his living item + strength of Heavenly Astral to attack. Moreover, the strength of middle-grade or above’s Heavenly Astral must coordinates with the strength of the living item to successfully break through the layer.[6]

Seventh Stage

Eighth Stage

Ninth Stage

Immortal tools Divine armament (神兵; shén bīng)

Heavenly Way Dimesion

Living items can’t be summoned in the Heavenly Way Dimension due to their levels aren’t high enough.[7]

Tool Spirit

A living item may condense its own tool spirit (器灵; qì líng). However, such item is rare in the history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Nine Serenities World. Any living item with tool spirit will be documented and recorded in the history.[8]

Currently, Tyrant Song was the only known practitioner who have more one item with tool spirit.


Notable Living Items


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