Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant is an Unbounded Demon Sect’s disciple.


He had long hair with a ugly and fierce look.


Every single disciple of the Unbounded Demon Sect had a very extreme and unpredictable nature. Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant was the sole exception in the Unbounded Demon Sect, and he was relatively harmless to humans and animals alike, unless he was provoked.

Ironically, almost anyone who encountered him can’t resist his attribute. While casually walking on the streets, people would suddenly find him not pleasing to the eye. Then, they would get the urge to slap him or spit on his face.[2]


His strength was outstanding among Fifth Stage cultivators surviving Seven’s strongest technique, «Heavenly Sabre Buries the Sea of Stars» while saving Gongzi Hai and Demon Monarch Anzhi.[2]

Battle of Blue Plains Valley

Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant appeared in the closing stage of the Battle of Blue Plains Valley, rescuing Gongzi Hai from Seven’s attack. He warned Seven of the risk for continuing the fight, as both of them have people they have to protect. Mad Tyrant left with Gongzi Hai and Demon Monarch Anzhi soon after.[2] 

Cultivation County Fair

He was later seen in a cultivation county fair getting in an argument with an unknown dao priest who got provoked.

Upon seeing the newly promoted Saint Monarch Tyrant Song, he deduced that the later was the same like Faraway Place, a fake Eighth Stage Profound Saint.[3]

The former was challenged by the later to prove whether the deduction was right or wrong. Mad Tyrant refused the challenge as they didn’t have any enmity to begin with. Unfortunately, he was beaten up by Senior Turtle moments later, and getting his valuables robbed in the process.[4]

These books were then given to Song Shuhang.[4]


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