Mai Sui was a young and lively girl with a pony tail. She drives a white sports car.


Little Maisui’s hobby was car racing with two of her best friend, Alice and Zhao Yaya. However, despite their love to race, they were too faint hearted. They like driving at high speed, but whenever they were racing against someone else, they would be left in the dust because they were too slow.[1]

Even if they liked racing, they didn’t like being left in the dust and ridiculed every time. So in 2017, Little Maisui obtained a permission from Wenzhou’s authorities to upgrade the Niuding Mountain’s mountain road.[1]

The Race on Niuding Mountain

After Song Shuhang has rescued the trio, Little Maisui brought back the one of the crash victims to the Song Family home in White Whale Road.


Her surname and given name when read together as ‘màisuì’ means ‘ear of wheat’.

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