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Medicine Mater was famous for his pill concocting skills and eccentric appearance. His appearance is actually made by his female disciple who want to marry him and by dressing him eccentric she eliminates potential rivals. His real appearance is that of a handsome ‘warm’ man.

Simplified Body Tempering Liquid

At first, Medicine Master only intended to find some inspiration from Song Shuhang to improve the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid and, at the same time, mentors him in a basic sword technique and a meditation technique, teaching the latter on how to complete the Hundred Days of Foundation Building.[1]

Poisonous Dragon Grass from the Ghost Lantern Temple.

In return for the gift, Medicine Master decided that the two techniques he has prepared beforehand weren’t enough. He requested from Abbot Fathom Mystery these two techniques to be taught to Song Shuhang:

The price for those two skills will be negotiated by Medicine Master and Abbot Fathom Mystery the next time when they meet face-to face.

Senior White Expression Package

Medicine Master and Purple Mist were busy treating amnesiac patients who returned from the Mysterious Island when the expression package was released. Therefore, both of them were luckily evaded the «Spiralling Ascension to Heaven» and the subsequent meteor shower.

Dharma-Ending Battle

Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast

Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group

Abbot Fathom Mystery

Medicine Master is the only one in the group that can understand Abbot Fathom Mystery’s emojis. He will then explain the abbot’s meaning to others.[3]

Song Shuhang

Medicine Master was largely credited as the one who guided Song Shuhang into entering the Cultivation World by the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.


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