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Mi Lulu was a big fan of Profound Saint Tyrant Song. When they coincidentally meet, she asked for an autograph. Shuhang unknowingly stamped Mi Lulu with his Saint Seal.

Fifth Stage Heavenly Tribulation

Later, during her tribulation, depressed by failure, she unknowingly communicates with Song Shuhang through the Saint Seal. Song Shuhang encourages her to never give up fighting against Heavenly Tribulation and bestows her his excess spirit power.

It is found that she failed her tribulation despite Shuhang's help and died, but the Saint Seal managed to save a bud growing on the part where Seal was stamped. This is her chance for new life, which Shuhang plants in his Lotus Core World awaiting her rebirth. Song Shuhang takes her as future disciple and bestowed the dao name Daoist Wood.[1]

World Tree

Dream Realm


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