Mist Demon (雾气邪魔; Wùqì Xiémó) was created by Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler with Song Shuhang’s kidney as its main component.

Encounter with Heavenly Way Remains Ball

Heavenly Way Remains Ball forcefully intruded the Heavenly Way’s small black room where Mist Demon was imprisoned together with four members of the Wide Courtyard Society.

Heavenly Way Remains Ball then proceed to steal Song Shuhang’s kidney from the Mist Demon, while greatly annoyed the latter, since both of them more or less has the same mission and target.

After it lost the kidney, Mist Demon can no longer stay in the present world for a prolonged time.

Escape from the Small Black Room

Battle Against Ancient God

Song Shuhang used Mist Demon’s coreless body to entice the Ancient God to read the Imperishable principle. The enticement proved to be too strong for the Ancient God resist, and it swallowed the ‘mist body’ immediately after it was grabbed from Song Shuhang’s hand.[1]

Due to the profound information regarding the Imperishable principle contained in the ‘mist body’, Ancient God fell into deep sleep almost immediately, just like Lord of Unextinguished and Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler’s doppelgänger.[2][3]


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