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Monsters are those races or individual creatures who are not human, but possess a degree of cultivation or power. They can be animals (Doudou) vegetation (Scallion Lady) and at sufficiently advanced levels, are no less than humans in intelligence. However, they tend to take more time than humans to cultivate on average.

Monsters, at Fifth Stage or equivalent, can gain the power to assume a human form if they so desire. However, some possess this ability well before this point.


Although monster cultivators had a very long lifespan compared to humans, their cultivation speed was several times slower than humans before they could condense a Monster Core and assume a human form. Before condensing their Monster Core, they wouldn’t be able to assume a human form even if they had already reached the peak of the Fourth Stage Realm.[1]

Snake Monsters

Fish Monsters

Fish monsters also had the opportunity to assume a half-human form. They were precisely those mermaids in legends.[1]

But unlike snake monsters, who only needed to shed their snakeskin, fish monsters needed the help of a Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable to gain the ability to change into half-human form. The Venerable would have to cast a magic transformation spell on them while they were trying to break through the Fourth Stage Realm.[1]

After experiencing the Transforming Dragon Gate, the fish monster would be able to change into a half-human form, greatly increasing the speed of its cultivation. However, the difficulty in breaking through would also increase tenfold, if not more.[1]


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