The monster hunter was a test piece of the Second Heavenly Way and was recovered by the Eighth Heavenly Way. Its original form was an eyeball. It was put into coffin-like instrument by the Eighth and climbed out of it as a humanoid with eyes covering its both arms.[3]

Destruction of Clear Water Pavilion

The monster hunter personally led the task force of 3,000 monster hunters that destroyed the Clear Water Pavilion.[4] This action caused him earning the eternal hatred from Clear Water Pavilion’s sole survivor, Pavilion Lord Chu.

Ancient Vestige Ruin

Blockhead Song, others might fear you, but I don’t!
Monster hunter to Song Shuhang

Suddenly a seven-coloured lotus bloom, revealing a white-clothed man sitting cross-legged in the middle of it. The stranger asked the monster hunter to give him face and stop pursuing Cheng Lin. Refusing to back down, the monster hunter attacked the stranger. Subsequently, he was sealed by the white-clothed man for at least a thousand years.[1]

Battle of Ruism

Although his main body was sealed, he still have a doppelgänger active in the world.[5] The doppelgänger accompany the Heavenly Emperor in retrieving the Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments from Ruism.

In the ensuing battle, he fought against Saint Monarch Tyrant Song. In the midst of battle, he was ambushed by Heavenly Emperor-controlled #Tyrant Tyrant and sealed by Pavilion Lord Chu Two.[5]

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