Monster hunters (捉妖人; zhuō yāorén) were a branch of cultivators. But they were different from those that cultivated to obtain long life and undying. Rather than becoming immortals, monster hunters preferred to vanquish demons and monsters.[1][2]

Moreover… they were one of the most annoying branches amongst cultivators. According to their logic, a monster should be subdued no matter if it was good or bad. Those that were bad were directly put to death, and those that were good were sealed up.[1][2]

In short, they wanted to free this world from the creatures known as ‘monsters’.[1][2]

Capturing Monsters

Except for divine beasts such as dragons, phoenixes, qilins and their descendants, monster hunters regards all monster as need to be captured and put in captivity.

A small team of monster hunters tried to ambush an All the World’s Monsters Together Become One Family’s 250th Branch gathering, but they were knock out by Song Shuhang and Ye Si.

Known Monster Hunters

Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion

During the Ancient Antiquity Era, a task force of 3,000 monster hunters ambushed a group of practitioners who were having a battle royale nearby Clear Water Pavilion.[3][4]

Although Clear Water Pavilion wasn’t the target at the beginning, the task force proceed to destroy the pavilion after they were done with the battle royale participants.

Transcendence Tyrant Song instantly destroyed the entire task force and erased their existence from the history. Even Heavenly Ways can’t remember they ever existed.[4]


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