Mysterious Maiden Gate


In Chinese mythology, Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens (九天玄女; Jiǔ Tiān Xuán Nǚ) is the goddess of war, sex, and longevity.[1]

The «Records of the Assembled Transcendents of the Fortified Walled City» (《墉城集仙錄》; Yōng Chéng Jí Xiān Lù), written by the Daoist master Du Guangting (850–933), contains a biographical account of Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens. [2] It mentions that Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens is the teacher of Yellow Emperor and the disciple of Queen Mother of the West.

The work relates a story about the goddess appearing before Yellow Emperor during a time when the latter was in conflict with Chiyou. Chiyou had caused a great mist, which was so impenetrable that it obscured day and night. Yellow Emperor would dwell in the mist for several day. Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens rode a cinnabar phoenix into the great mist, holding phosphors and clouds as reins. She wore variegated kingfisher-feather garments, which had nine different colours. Yellow Emperor greeted her and received her command.

Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens said: “I base myself on the teachings of the Grand Supreme. If you have any doubts, you may question me.”

Yellow Emperor responded: “[Chiyou] is cruelly crossing us. His poison is harming all the black-haired people. The four seas are sobbing. No one can protect his own nature or life. I want the art of winning a myriad victories in a myriad battles. Can I cut the harm facing my people?”

Thereupon the goddess bestowed various objects and artifacts. The following is a few of the listed items:[2]

  1. The Talismans of the Martial Tokens of the Six Jia Cyclicals and the Six Ren Cyclicals (六甲六壬兵信之符)
  2. The Book by which the Five Emperors of the Numinous Treasure Force Ghosts and Spirits into Service (靈寶五帝策使鬼神之書)
  3. The Seal of the Five Bright-Shiners for Regulating Demons and Communicating with Spirits (制妖通靈五明之印)
  4. The Formula of the Five Yin and Five Yang for Concealing the Jia Cyclicals (五陰五陽遁[甲]之式)
  5. Charts for Grabbing the Mechanism of Victory and Defeat of the Grand Unity from the Ten Essences and Four Spirits (太一十精四神勝負握機之圖)
  6. Charts of the Five Marchmounts and the Four Holy Rivers (五[嶽]河圖)
  7. Instructions in the Essentials of Divining Slips (策精之訣)

It was subsequently noted that Yellow Emperor was able to defeat Chiyou and ascend to heaven on the basis of the items bestowed by Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens.


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