Nine Provinces (1) Group was a famous and legendary group in All Heavens and Myriad Realms that based on Earth. The group founded by Seventh Path, Rain Moon, and Yellow Mountain to guide and lead the younger generation of cultivators.[1]

Each and every member of the group was noted to be extremely talented and can be considered as one of the best in their respective realms. Their cultivation speeds also can be considered abnormal by normal cultivator standards.

Chat Platform


The group uses WeChat as their social networking service.

Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

Rules & Traditions

Equal Exchange

Take as much as you need, give back as much as you take

Using seniority to snatch from a junior is forbidden and any such action will face serious repercussion from the rest of the members. A transaction between members must be consensual or there will not be a transaction at all. If a member refused to sell a certain item, nobody else may force the member to sell it against the member’s own will.


The members are known to play online games such as Farmville. Stealing vegetables are a good way to establish relationship amongst the members.[2][3] Trading game equipment also encouraged.


Seniors in the group occasionally will issue quests or missions for juniors. Upon the completion of the quests, rewards will be given accordingly, based on difficulty and how well they complete them. More difficult quests have higher rewards compared to those with lower difficulty.[4]

Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign

When they were a Fifth Stage each member has seven dragon marks or higher gold core. However, the number of members with eight dragon marks didn’t exceed ten.[5]

Those who has six dragon marks or less will leave the group on their own volition.

When Song Shuhang and White became the Ninth Heavenly Ways, the members received a sticker patch on their respective gold cores, making all members of the chat group have nine dragon marks. This in turn make them have a very high chance into becoming an Eternal Life Being in the future.

Some of the members were allowed to choose a sticker of their liking, while some of them were given customised sticker by White such as:[6]

Each member also given a specialised background music by Song Shuhang.

Knowledge Sharing

A person’s wisdom is limited

Despite the members are known as geniuses, they are well aware of their own limitations and the possibility there is someone who knows what they don’t. Who knows it isn’t important, but what he knows is important. As such, its pretty normal for the members to learn from anyone, even from an unknown mortal, without any prejudice at all. Their pride and ego wasn’t at stake at all if they openly acknowledge they don’t know about something or someone is better than them.

This attitude allows them to grow, by continuously learning, gathering and sharing knowledge, rather than believing themselves as omnipotent and omniscience. Whenever they have a gathering, the members usually take the chance to ask senior members to dispel their doubts or solving problems in their cultivation, something the seniors happily obliged.

Out of Topic

Discussions between the members will randomly skewered to random new topics in a heart beat, much to the consternation of Yellow Mountain.


Each member has their own quirks and unique element. Others may not pry into a member’s privacy without permission.

Reminiscing & Complaining About Song Shuhang

Ever since Song Shuhang joined the group, its became a custom for the rest of the members to reminiscing about the hardship they suffers during their cultivation, especially the loose practitioners and monster cultivators.

Every time they met him, they dreaded if he opened the mouth and told them he already promoted to another stage in the short time since their last meeting. Due to him, they have increased their cultivation time and spend less time doing anything else.

Known Members

Super Admin

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain was one of the founders of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[1] He was the de facto leader of the group despite the presence of other higher ranking members. Yellow Mountain was the one who always provide help to the members, also the one who help them clean up any mess they created.

At the end of the novel, Yellow Mountain retired from this position and passed it to Song Shuhang.[7]

Song Shuhang

As Tyrant Song, Song Shuhang was the most famous member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Despite being the youngest age-wise, Song Shuhang has the highest seniority in the group according the established rules and custom of the Cultivation World. He was the first member to officially become an Eighth Stage Profound Saint, a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal, and Eternal Life Being, a Heavenly Way and finally a Transcendence.

At the end of the novel, Song Shuhang became the super admin of the group, replacing Yellow Mountain.[7]


Rain Moon

True Monarch Rain Moon was one of the founders of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[1]

Despite being an active participant in the chat group, Rain Moon was never seen physically throughout the novel.

Seventh Path

Seventh Path was one of the founders of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[1] He was known as the Wiseman of the Group. The members will usually consult him whenever they have a problem they can’t solve.[8]

Seventh Path was the second member of the group to actually become an Eighth Stage Profound Saint.


Mad Sabre Three Waves has full access to her accounts.


White was the second most famous member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group, on par with Song Shuhang.

White also has the second highest seniority in the group according the established rules and custom of the Cultivation World. He was the third member to officially become an Eighth Stage Profound Saint, the second a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal, and Eternal Life Being, a Heavenly Way and finally a Transcendence.

Notable Members

Name Stage Ephitet Affliation Notes Ref
Ancient Lake Monastery Sixth Stage Ancient Lake Temple
Copper Trigram Sixth Stage
Cloud Swallowing Fifth Stage Fighting Buddha Sect
Doudou Fifth Stage Thousand Years’ Eighth Saint
East Calming Snow Fifth Stage
East Six Sixth Stage
Eternal Fire Seventh Stage Ruism
Young Master Exterminating Phoenix Fifth Stage
Falling Dust Sixth Stage
Abbot Fathom Mystery Sixth Stage World’s Horizon Wandering Temple
Firefly Stream Fifth Stage
Flood Dragon Tyrant Sixth Stage
Dharma King Good Fortune Fifth Stage Fighting Buddha Sect
Guo Da Fifth Stage Southern Longevity Sword Sect
Immortal Guest in the Clouds Sixth Stage
Li Yinzhu Fourth Stage Thousand Years’ Tenth Saint Not an official member.
Lychee Sixth Stage Lychee’s school
Mad Sabre Three Waves Fifth Stage
Medicine Master Fifth Stage
North River Sixth Stage
Sixth Path Jasmine Sixth Stage
Scallion Lady Ninth Stage Not an official member. She uses Song Shuhang’s account in the group.
Scholar Drunk Moon Seventh Stage
Scholar Contribute Society Seventh Stage
Seven Sixth Stage Heavenly River’s Su Clan
Seven Lives’ Talisman Fifth Stage Thousand Years’ Second Saint
Sixteen Fifth Stage Thousand Years’ Twelfth Saint Heavenly River’s Su Clan
Snow Wolf Fifth Stage Snow Wolf Cave
Soft Feather Fifth Stage Thousand Years’ Ninth Saint Spirit Butterfly Island
Spirit Butterfly Eighth Stage Thousand Years’ Eleventh Saint Spirit Butterfly Island
Susu Sixth Stage
Sword Monarch Azure Firmament Sixth Stage (unconfirmed)
Sword Monarch Six EarsSixth Stage
Three Realms Fourth Stage World’s Horizon Wandering Temple Not an official member. He uses his master, Fathom Mystery’s account to chat in the group.
Tian Tiān Sixth Stage
Tian Tián Fourth Stage
White Crane Sixth Stage
Yang Xian Sixth Stage True Monarch Heavenly Mansion Artefact Sect
Yu Jiaojiao Fourth Stage
Zhou Li Fifth Stage

Group Activities

Tractor Competition

Main article: Tractor Race

The Tractor Race was conceived by Venerable White because he enjoyed driving around on a hand guided tractor that had been among the large number of vehicles that Yellow Mountain had provided for him to play around with.

Dharma-Ending Battle

Main article: Dharma-Ending Battle

The film production was initiated by Song Shuhang, at first as a lie to his father to justify his ownership of many luxurious cars, and afterwards to placate White’s anger due to the Senior White Expression Package.

There rest of the members participate partly due to pitying Song Shuhang’s plight and largely because they are bored and have nothing better to do.

Immortal Food Feast

A regular event where Separated Snow, an immortal chef will plan out and cook a large feast for her fellow cultivators. Invitations to this are hard to come by, and many will pay great prices for tickets to the feast.

Seventh Promotes Eighth Black Dragon Tribulation

Main article: 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

28 members mistakenly joined Shuhang’s Seventh Promotes Eighth Black Dragon Tribulation in nascent spirit form while another two joined physically.

As such, except for few, almost all active chat group members have an Eighth Stage Seal.

Battle for Heavenly Astral

Main article: Battle for Heavenly Astral

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Main article: Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Nine Provinces (1) Group can be said as the biggest beneficiary of the wealth dispersal,

Vying for the Heavenly Way IX

In the alternate timeline where Future Soft Feather and Big Tyrant Song came from, the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group participated in the Vying for the Heavenly Way IX.

During the vying that took thousands of years, the Nine Provinces (1) Group fought against the combined forces of the Fourth Heavenly Way and the Eighth Heavenly Way. Through out the vying, the members fell one by one until only Big Tyrant Song and Future Soft Feather were left.

After Song Shuhang became a Transcendence, he went to the alternate timeline and resurrected the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group in their respective immortal residence. Yellow Mountain was the first member resurrected.

Nine Serenities

After the ascension of the Ninth Heavenly Ways and the Ninth Rulers came into being, the members were able to go back and forth to the Nine Serenities World as they wished. This was due to the fact that all the current Rulers of the Nine Serenities are from the same side.


  1. Aside from the listed names, there are still other members. Some of them were in closed meditation or went travelling.
  2. Song Shuhang was the only mortal ever to join the group.

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