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A Nine Serenities Ruler (九幽主宰; Jiǔ Yōu Zhǔzǎi) is the collection of all evil, destruction, disaster, death, bloody, slaughters and other negative energies into a single existence that rules the Nine Serenities World.[1]

Nine Serenities Ruler Realm are the counterparts of the Heavenly Way. Once some individual becomes the Way, will be split into two separate individuals, the Heavenly Way and the ruler.

Rules of the Nine Serenities Ruler

  1. Once a new ruler came into being, the previous ruler will disappear.[2]
  2. A ruler will be constrained to the Nine Serenities.[2]
  3. A ruler can use the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Way once.[3]
  4. A ruler can go to the Myriad Realms once.[2][3]


Soulcutter is the aura of the Nine Serenities Ruler.

Listening to a ruler’s voice will make one see a hellish world, with all those evil and terrifying things flooding into the mind. [4] Looking at the body of a ruler will cause one to see mountains of corpses and seas of blood, with demonic entities dancing around in chaotic ways and perceive the ruler as the source of all chaos and the worlds greatest evil.

An unrestrained aura from a ruler’s doppelgänger is strong enough to immobilized Eighth Stage Saints. Seventh Stage and lower will lose their consciousness. Even an Eternal Life Being isn’t immune to the doppelgänger’s aura.[5]

Song Shuhang has an absolute immunity towards the aura. A face to face, unrestrained full blast aura from the rulers’ main body doesn’t even affect Shuhang even tiniest bit.

Soft Feather was shown to have some immunity towards the aura too. However, the extant of Soft Feather’s still not known.

List of Nine Serenities Ruler



Notes Ref.
First None There is no ruler in this generation due to the Second Heavenly Way establishing the Rulers’ system [6]
Second Eye Two

First ruler that came into being

Fourth ruler met by Song Shuhang

Third Kui Two Third ruler met by Song Shuhang
Fourth Black Sun Existence hijacked by its Heavenly Way counterpart, later sacrificed in the Vying IX
Fifth Unknown The one and only female ruler until the Tenth [7]
Sixth (Big) White Two Daoist Karmic Virtue was given the position of Sixth Heavenly Way by White after the latter’s counterpart already came into being. [8]
Seventh First ruler met by Song Shuhang [9]
Eighth Fat Ball Second ruler met by Song Shuhang [2]
Acting Song Two Partial jurisdiction given by White Two [10]
Ninth Became a Ninth Ruler with (Little) White Two
(Little) White Two Became a Ninth Ruler with Tyrant Ru
Tenth Soft Feather Two Future Tenth Ruler [11]


#: Status in regards to Song Shuhang.


A Nine Serenities Ruler has absolute controlling right to the Nine Serenities, the entire Demons of the Nine Serenities obeys the Nine Serenities Ruler’s verbal command, obeys the ruler’s will.[10]

However, a ruler may give any individual he saw fit part of the jurisdiction.[10] Song Shuhang was the only known individual to obtain this privilege, given the Seventh Ruler of the Nine Serenities.

Nine Serenities Ruler Jurisdiction Interface (Part)

  1. Issue task Function
  2. Reward Function
  3. Penalty Function
  4. Monitor Function

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