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Nine Serenities World (九幽世界; jiǔ yōu shìjiè) or sometimes just shortened to Nine Serenities (九幽; jiǔ yōu) is the world of demons and the anti-thesis of the All Heavens and Myriad Realms. It also doesn’t have much relationship with hell.[1]

Nine Serenities World only came into being during the reign of the Second Heavenly Way, replacing the Demon Sea World (魔海世界; mó hǎi shìjiè). It was modelled after Black Dragon World’s Ancient Serenities (古幽; gǔ yōu).

Rulers of the Nine Serenities

Main Article: Rulers of the Nine Serenities

A Rulers of the Nine Serenities have the absolute jurisdiction in the Nine Serenities World. The Demons of the Nine Serenities obeys a Ruler’s will unconditionally.[2]

A Ruler also needed to maintain the order in the Nine Serenities.

Demons of the Nine Serenities

Demons of the Nine Serenities (九幽邪魔们; jiǔ yōu xiémómen) are the natural inhabitants of the Nine Serenities.

Demonic Tribulation World

The Demonic Tribulation World (魔劫世界; Mó Jié Shìjiè) is Nine Serenities’ counterpart of the Heavenly Tribulation World (天劫世界; Tiān Jié Shìjiè).

Ancient Serenities

Ancient Serenities (古幽; gǔ yōu) is the Black Dragon World’s version of Nine Serenities.


Due to the chaotic energy of the Nine Serenities World, it was impossible to use electric equipment to communicate over long distances, and even the range of thousand mile sound transmitters and such was very limited. However, the Demons of the Nine Serenities still managed to research and create various methods that could allow them to communicate over long distances.[3]

Space Channels to All Heavens and Myriad Realms

After the Collapse of the Heavenly Way, and the subsequent demise of the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler, the Demons of the Nine Serenities swarmed the space channels to All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

By the decree of the Ruler Tyrant Ru, the Demons of the Nine Serenities are prohibited from going to All Heavens and Myriad Realms for a month without the ruler’s permission. 10,000 demons of Seventh and Eighth Stage were dispatched to enforce the decree. For the seven space channels to Earth, a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal demon taking charge for each of them respectively.

Channels to Earth

There are seven channels connecting Nine Serenities World and Earth. These channels were guarded by an organisation known as Channel Protectors at Earth’s end of channel. Tribulation Immortals also has been guarding against demons of Ninth Stage.


Practitioners from All Heavens and Myriad Realms could only use 50% of their strength when they entered the Nine Serenities World. Moreover, they couldn’t get supplementary spirit energy from heaven and earth and also had to resist the influence of the Nine Serenities World’s evil energy.[4]

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