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The Ninth Heavenly Way was the last Heavenly Way of the current cycle. Upon its retirement, All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Nine Serenities World will be destroyed and will be replaced with a new universe.

Just like the rest of the Heavenly Ways, Ninth Heavenly Way is a fixed point in time, meaning same individual is the Ninth Heavenly Way in every timeline.[1]

Vying for the Heavenly Way IX

On the 04th February 2020, an illusory music resounded in All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ sky, announcing the retirement of the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way, Daozi. At the same time, the illusory music also signalling the start of the Vying for the Heavenly Way IX.[2][3]

However, the Vying for the Heavenly Way IX ended almost immediately as Daozi transferred all of his jurisdiction to Tyrant Song.

Ascension to Heaven

Due to their special nature, Song Shuhang with his Lesser Imperishable and White with the Imperishable Galaxy, Heavenly Way Rule Rejection’s strength felt very weak to both of them. But in fact, its rejection strength was powerful to anyone else except them.[4][5]

Heavenly Way Inspecting the All Heavens and Myriad Realms

In this process, Song Shuhang and White went through the ‘one step one world’ experience.[5]

On each and every step taken, a Heavenly Way Mark (天道印记; Tiān Dào Yìnjì) belonging to Song Shuhang and White will be left on a corresponding realm in All Heavens and Myriad Realms – Even on Song Shuhang’s Tyrant Realm and agent-in-charge White’s Dream Realm.[5]

Ascending the Throne of the World

(登基世界; Dēng Jī Shìjiè)

After the final step falls, practitioners of All Heavens and Myriad Realms, mortals as well as ordinary life forms involuntarily raised their heads and looked at the sky. 

As soon as the intuition is over, they will soon bow their heads, find their own mothers and do their own things. But some ordinary people who knew White and Song Shuhang were deeply shocked in their hearts.

Battling the Former Heavenly Ways

Before the battle started, Song Shuhang took a picture of the eight Heavenly Way Marks and posted it on Moments. The picture can only be viewed by those with access, such as the Nine Serenities Rulers, Fairy Fifth Heavenly Way as well as the members of Nine Provinces (1) Group.[6]

Battle Plan

White Two proposed White to fight against Heavenly Way White and Daoist Karmic Virtue. A ‘White’ is most suitable to deal with another ‘White’. Since Heavenly Way Karmic Virtue’s position of Heavenly Way was given to him by Heavenly Way White, there are latter’s data in the former’s Heavenly Way Mark.

Three Eyed Young’un proposed Song Shuhang uses the Holy Eye Gold Core System to constrain Second Heavenly Way Mark. The Heavenly Way Three Eyed Mark will be left to the last, until other Heavenly Way Marks has been dealt with.

Dog Egg Dad then suggested summoning the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre to deal with his Heavenly Way counterpart. As a Way Item, the sabre will not have any problem to appear in the Heavenly Way Dimension.

Daozi’s wisp of consciousness suggested that Song Shuhang uses the Eye of the Holy Man to suppress his own Heavenly Way Mark. Facing the eye of his own teacher, Heavenly Way Daozi Mark will not do anything rash.

After communicating with Reincarnation Seal, Reincarnation Blade proposed that Song Two to be summoned. As he has spent time in the Reincarnation Seal, Song Two can draw the Fifth Heavenly Way Mark over. Moreover, there is a chance that the Fifth Heavenly Way Mark can be drawn into helping Song Two intercepting the Fourth Heavenly Way Mark.

Finally, Song Shuhang has to deal with the Heavenly Way Fat Ball Mark himself. Heavenly Emperor and Spooky Song will gather the information regarding Fat Ball’s weaknesses.[6]


Doppelgänger Song Two was then summoned into the Heavenly Way Dimension. As it has experienced the Reincarnation Seal moisturizing, it was sufficient to exist in the dimension. Upon arrival, Song Two immediately greeted the Fifth Heavenly Way Mark. Both of them resonate with each other.

As a Way Item, Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre was able to appear in the Heavenly Way Dimension.

Award Ceremony

When a man achieves the Way, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven
Chinese saying

However, this Heavenly Way ‘Tyrant Song’ was very special. He suddenly emerged and appeared in the sight of people several months ago. After his rise, he made many good friends, accepting disciples, having daughters, and even seemed to have ‘parents’ in the world.[7]

Tyrant Song’s Disciples

Little Cai

Chu Chu

Joseph Guy Maupassant

Afterwards, a seven-coloured radiance from heaven and earth fall upon the three of them. This was a blessing from the other Ninth Heavenly Way, White for them.[8]

Chu Chu’s figure was restored within the radiance and transformed into a hot body.[8]

Little Cai’s bird body became a little bit bigger.[8]

Joseph’s transformation was the most obvious among the three of them. He directly returned to his youthful appearance. Although he did not directly enter the age of ‘best practice’ age, it was enough for him to participate in the trial arranged by his master.[8]

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Gold Core Sticker

The Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign members of Nine Provinces (1) Group received sticker patches on their respective gold cores, making all members of the chat group have nine dragon marks. This in turn make them have a very high chance into becoming an Eternal Life Being in the future. For those who already Sixth Stage or higher, they were reverted back temporarily to Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign.[9]

For the members who actually have nine dragon marks, two sticker patches were given to them. These sticker patches can be used on their juniors or anyone the members saw fit.[9]

Some of the members were allowed to choose a sticker of their liking, while some of them were given customised sticker by White such as:[10]

Imperishable Granule

The members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group were implanted with an Imperishable Granule.

Mad Sabre Three Waves was the one and only person who made White regretted his decision.

Backgroud Music

Each member also given a specialised background music by Tyrant Song.



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