No. 111 Cafeteria (111号食堂; 111 hào shítáng) was part of the Ancient Heavenly Court before its destruction. After the destruction, the cafeteria was collected by Ruism.

Lotus Core World

Just like many Ancient Heavenly Court fragments, Song Shuhang obtained the No.111 Cafeteria from Ruism. The Cafeteria was then transfered and assimilated in the Lotus Core World.

Research Facility for New Recipes

Fairy Lady Separated Snow brought Chu Chu as well as several assistants to the cafeteria. They used the cafetria as the research facility to develop the «Evil Pestilence Menu» and reaserching how to make the «Heart Demon Tribulation Sashimi» fresher.[1]

The cafeteria is the perfect place to be used as the research facility due to the abundant spirit energy, access to unique flora and fauna that can’t be found elsewhere.

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