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Loose Practitioner North River is a modern and worldly cultivator. He has an extensive contact network in the Cultivation World and up-to-date with the current issues.

He owns a Mars probe company and used it to probe the Mysterious Island.

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Loose Practitioner North River is the forever online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces (1) Group. He is known as a kindhearted senior who takes good care of juniors in the group.

North River generally have a good relationship with the members of the chat group except for Copper Trigram.

Chat ID

ID Notes
Loose Practitioner North River No longer used after he was promoted to Sixth Stage
True Monarch North River

Song Shuhang

He briefed Song Shuhang about the advantages and disadvantages of joining a school or becoming a loose practitioner.

North River once collaborated with other members of the group to trick Shuhang into accepting a special quest.

Yellow Mountain

North River really respects Yellow Mountain. He always addressed Yellow Mountain as ‘senior’ even when they already on the same stage out of habit and respect.[2]


Despite being a loose practitioner, North River had a relatively easier time in cultivating due to his friendship with Seven.


North River has watched over Sixteenth ever since she was little. He considers her as his niece, a fact that Copper Trigram tried to exploit during their battle.

Mad Sabre Three Waves

North River is Mad Sabre Three Waves’ best friend. He always cautioned Three Waves against seeking death.

Copper Trigram

Know yourself and know your enemy, a hundred battles a hundred wins
Sun Tzu, Art of War

Due to being sworn enemies, the one who understands North River the most is Copper Trigram and vice-versa. North River can easily detect Copper Trigram despite the latter’s disguises.

Dharma-Ending Battle

«Dharma-Ending Battle»

North River prepared a white flower wreath for Song Shuhang. [The one who sacrificed himself for the people] was written on the left side while [He will forever live in our hearts] was on the right one.[3]

North River also created a poll on his Moments post, predicting how long Song Shuhang’s Senior Apprentice Brother Gao Sheng will live after beating Venerable White’s Ling Ye.[3]

Battle of the Forbidden City

Copper Trigram challenged North River to a duel on the Forbidden City.[4][5]

Immortal Feast

Invitation Card

North River wasn’t able to secure an invitation to the Immortal Feast. He has been asking around from the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group for an invitation card.

North River exchanged Song Shuhang’s extra invitation card with a Fifth Stage magical robe, the Black Iron Divine Armour.[6]

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Ninth Heavenly Way’s Award Ceremony


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