Zither Lord Phoenix Rite was a member of the Ancient Heavenly Court. She currently resides at the Beast Realm after the destruction of the Court.



Lawful Good

Way of Eternal Life

Phoenix Rite wasn’t an Eternal Life Being when she joined the Ancient Heavenly Court. She borrowed Heavenly Emperor’s Way of the Heavenly Court to step into the Eternal Life Being Realm. Due to this, Phoenix Rite was restricted by Heavenly Emperor’s Way.[1]

After the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, if she didn’t have the support of Ancient Heavenly Court fragments and Heavenly Emperor’s Way, Phoenix Rite’s Way of Eternal Life will collapsed and she will regressed to Tribulation Immortal Realm.[1]

Blockhead Song offered to break her from the bondage of Way of the Heavenly Court, if she agreed to cease hostility with Profound Saint Tyrant Song. However, she needs to die first and the rest will be handled by Blockhead Song.

Wide Courtyard Society

Hunting for Tyrant Song

Changing Heaven


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