She is part of the Three Disobedient Children with Guoguo and Candle.

When her master brought her and Candle to the World’s Horizon Temple, she met Guoguo and the three of them ran away to Jiangnan.

On the way to Jiangnan, they encountered Song Shuhang on the train they were riding on.


Leaping the Dragon Gate

In order to find her breakout point, Poem was ordered by her master to experience the mortal life.

Therefore, she choose to enroll into Jiangnan University’s School of Mechanical Engineering’s 19th department 43rd class.

Separated Snow[1]

Second Stage True Master

While she was sleeping, Poem participated in the Saint Monarch Eat Melon’s Rejection of the Mortal Body. The strength she received from the ceremony made her breakthrough all the way to the fourth minor realm, the Dragon Foot Dantian in one breath.

Immortal Food Feast

Sandpiper and clam war together and the fisherman catches both
Song Shuhang’s advice to Poem

Poem is the winner of Under-20 Competition of the 2019’s Immortal Food Feast, with Song Shuhang’s help. She received a plate of fish head curry as the reward.

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Together with Candle, Poem was brought to the Nine Provinces (1) Group 2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration by Lychee.

300 Years of Scallion Life

Poem requested a boon from the Steel Avatar, Tyrant Tyrant to make her dao heart stable.[2]



Poem is Candle’s senior apprentice sister.


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