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The Primordial Chaos World was an artificial world, created by the Eighth Heavenly Way.[1]

In the center of this world was a burned black land, which would crack open from time to time, with liquid silver metal slowly flowing out. Underneath this burned black landis a core hidden.[1]

Ancient Heavenly Court

This artificial world was a part of the plans of the current Heaven, who intented it to be one of his backhands. If everything would have went to his plan, then the Ancient Heavenly Court would have moved to this position and fused with this artificial world space. Afterwards the Way of the Heavenly Court would have activated its main function and would restore the missing part of the current Heaven.[1]

Son of Heaven

Son of Heaven


After the end of the battle, Western Great Emperor suggested the possibility of Tyrant Song taking over this artificial world. However, since Tyrant Song was still transcending his Eighth Stage and Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulations at that time, the suggestion was turned down by Blockhead Song.[2]

Blockhead Song then raised the possibility that Saint White will have some use of the world. He left a coordinate mark with a disposable flying sword at the entrance to the world. This disposable flying sword was one of White’s earliest disposable flying sword model.[2]

If Saint Monarch White needs to use this Primordial Chaos World, his body’s strong great luck can naturally guide him, arrives at this Primordial Chaos World, making Saint Monarch White pick this Primordial Chaos World.[2]

If Saint Monarch White does not need this world, or this Primordial Chaos World is hot to Saint Monarch White, his own great luck naturally can guide him to avoid this Primordial Chaos Minor World.[2]


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