Profound Ice was the Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign Doudou encountered on his way to meet Song Shuhang. At that time, Profound Ice was under attack from a Celestials aircraft.[1]


Resurrection Array

Upon successfully becoming a Fifth Stage cultivator, Profound Ice has been collecting materials for his resurrection array. However, after thirty years, he still hasn’t manage to completely collect the materials.[2]

Exploring A Secret Realm

Attacked By Celestials

Don’t be terrified and start calling Baba!
Doudou to Profound Ice, regarding the incoming reinforcement[3]

Knowing that they are badly outmatched by the Celestials, Profound Ice tried to make Doudou leave by telling the former that he has reinforcement on the way.

In return for Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s graciousness and kindness to save his life, recovering his companion’s body and a gift of space jar, Profound Ice gave the former an energy refiner he found in the Four Seas Secret Realm.[2]


Doudou has decided to recommend Profound Ice to Venerable Yellow Mountain.[2] Therefore, it can be safely assumed that Profound Ice’s path of cultivation took a better turn afterwards.

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